Question about delivery to experienced dog breeders?

this is a question to experienced dog breeders. is it possible that after the delivery of 3 live and one stillborn puppy 2 days ago there is still one more alive pup in the womb which will be born later? that's what my vet is suspecting. we cant do x-ray immediatelly as there is no x-ray facility for dogs nearby. did anyone come across similar situation?
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Consult a good vet. There is an injection which is given to flush out all pups. Its not advisable to have any pups left in the womb as mentioned by you.
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2011-12-16T01:47:29+0530 16 Dec 2011 1:47 am
It is possible, but generally uncommon. Most dogs give birth to all pups within 24 hours.
It is unlikely the pup will survie the longer it stays inside her. As Dinkar Singh said, there is an injection which will cause her to go back into labour to give birth; however if she doesn't have a pup iside her, I fear it won't be good for her.
Also, the pup may be too big to fit through the birth canal, which means she would require surgery to get it out.

I suggest you take her to a vet with an x-ray as soon as possible.
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2011-12-16T10:03:34+0530 16 Dec 2011 10:03 am
thank u both, dinkar and pennypup. we did ultrasonography yesterday which stated that there is no puppy, but some tissue of placenta or puppy sac, and because of this the uteris is inflamed. the blood test was also done. we were told that as long as there is no infection, this condition should improved naturally as it is quite common in dogs after whelping, though i had never come across it before with my other dogs.
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