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My dog is scared of stray dogs, please help?

hi this is shreyank... few months back a stray pounced on my lab,oscar n tried to bite him but instead of biting him he bit my servant... he got really scared that time.. bt everything is fine nw except one... oscar is afraid of all dogs.. as in he goes for walk as he used to earlier n if he sees a dog approaching him, he gets scared... there is another lab in my locality n his owner always tries to make them frnds bt oscar rushes to my house on seeing him and as soon as he is inside the gate starts barking at the other lab... i find this quite funny bt want a solution to this problem... n yes im happy to inform all of u that i donot hv any behavioural prblm wid oscar nw... hes grown up to be a really smart n intelligent lab... its coz of all ur help guys!!!! cheers!!!!
By shreyank · 24 Aug 2010 12:28 pm


By KamalRaj J Kuppal · 25 Aug 2010 1:12 pm
Hi Shreyank,

Its good to hear that oscar dont have any bahavioural issues, you can do the things below and just check whether it works or not...

I am just telling what i do if i face similar situation....

1. As labrador always wants to please his master and you can take it as an advantage...
2. Try to buy some dog shaped toys (get the one made of rubber or plastic (consider that the toy should not harm ur dog)).
3. First observe that your oscar afraid of the dog toy or not.
4. You can also give treats to oscar whenever he tries to play with that toy.
5. Try to show mirror in front of oscar and observe that oscar fear of it or not.
6. If he fears, ignore him else try to please/pet him.
7. finally, you try to made some barking sound and observe that oscar tails folds in between hins hind legs or not.
8. If he afraid of barking sound, then ignore him else pet him.


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By Anil @ DoggiesDude · 25 Aug 2010 3:54 pm
best n simple way is to divert his mind when he sees another dog is to give him his fav treat...slowly he will grow positive
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By shreyank · 25 Aug 2010 5:29 pm
thx guys... n kamal i tried the things u mentioned... oscar is not a possessive or fearful dog... he doesnt react only when he sees himself in the mirror.. n nothing happened when i made the barking sound also.. the prb is dat when oscar sees the other lab, he starts barking n tries to come in the house as fast as possible.. he doesnt fold his tail between his legs at that time.. and he is not scared of the strays in our locality but when i take him to his vet, he gets scared of the strays there.. n i just saw his tail folded once when i took him to the vet.. i hope u now understood my prblm better.. n im also very happy that i was able to get rid of some of his prblms such as biting hands,chappals,etc.. he has become a more lovable dog now
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