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Dog Treats

What is betterdog food RC or Ekunuba ?

Though I know the demand of nutritions while puppy is growing high and all suggest dry food at initial stage, I want to understand which is better RC or Ekunuba ? Surely there is difference of cost not sure the content and nutritions. Can experts provide inputs. Another question in RC is A3 puppy food or sometime its called breeders pack good or should one stick to Lab puppy 33 in RC ? Advice is welcomed.
By Hemanshu · 26 Oct 2010 9:19 am


By deekshith · 27 Oct 2010 8:55 am
RC is better just cuz it has meat in its first ingredient which is the main concern for any dog and there is a debate lots of Eukanuba fan's here if im not wrong but i feed RC its the one of 2 decent dogs foods we can get in india which are SCIENCE DIET and RC period . well they make foods according to breed for a reason so yes just feed it seems like you have a lab pup if they make food for labs specially why for something else? i have a gsd female pup which is 4 and half months i feed her royal canin no problems till now she is growing correctly https://www.dogspot.in/puppies /deekshith-german-shepherd-dog -alsatian/ she weighs 17kgs dono the cost of eukonuba for me i get RC gsd junior 30 for 900rs 3KG packet she needs it every 8 days ) again just by all means moisten the food when you feed him or her i hope this info was useful for you if you have any more doubts fire em up ) have a nice day
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By deekshith · 27 Oct 2010 9:12 am
well first of all what breed you have? seems like you have lab why dont you just buy the rc lab junior why you even think of some a3 puppy food.. when they make specific food for lab and gsd and pug's as far as i know there is a debate going on which is best rc or Ekunuba let me tell you none of them are good only decent food we can get in india is RC and SCIENCE DIET why? just check the ingredients list on the back of the pack FIRST Ingredient should me MEAT OR POULTRT MEAt or any meat content those who say first is grain dont even go for it grains are the main problem's for dog's skin allergies and stuff i have a GSD female pup you can go to my profile and see it she is 4 months i feed her RC tough im not a big fan of RC and im still doing research on feeding BARF diet so yes she has no probs growth is gaining correctly she weighs 17Kgs and no problems so far just by all means just dont feed dry moisten it with water atleast they say feed raw but just moisten it some dogs or pup's most of em just want to gallop all of it so ye they get problems just moisten the food do add few suppliment's
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By rama · 16 Nov 2010 12:01 pm
I am feeding ROyal Canin' Baby dog 30 'for my 4 month lab as suggested by my vet and it is showing good growth.
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