Today I purchased Drool puppy nutrition for my 4 months old Rottweiler boy, is drool puppy nutrition

Is Drool puppy nutrition a good for my 4 months old Rottweiler boy

2017-07-14T23:35:42+0530 14 Jul 2017 11:35 pm


2017-09-30T18:10:37+0530 30 Sep 2017 6:10 pm
Drool aren't good choice for rotty's. Instead of that feed professional pedigree puppy food range. Puppy's fast growth period is until 6 months. Until 6 months you should provide good quality food including home base food like rice and boiled eggs, rice and curd , rice and dal pani etc. Feeding must be 4 times a day with 4 hours of gap in per meal. In this period the puppy is in critical growth periods. Almost 60% of growth is covered in 6 months of age. Rotty's are awesome just feed good quality food drools aren't good as I know rottweiler female I shared my perspective and experience of feeding food about rotty's.
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2018-06-09T14:21:30+0530 09 Jun 2018 2:21 pm
I would recommend Orijen or Acana Puppy food. You can switch to adult food later.
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