How to train two male (GSD amd Indian spitz) puppies together safely ?

I already have a male german shepherd puppy who is 45 days old and due to certain unavoidable reasons my friend(who has a male 60 day old indian spitz puppy) will have to leave India and thus will have to give up his puppy.Since I am the one who is familiar with his puppy and we both dont want to loose him by giving away the spitz therefore I am bound to take the spitz male puppy as well.There is no other option to that.I have heard that raising two similar aged puppies is a nightmare let alone two male puppies.Just that I am ready to give in my very best and that I am ready crate them seperately and not let them play togetherStill I just wanted to know how should I train each one of them if I have to keep both in the same house?

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