How do I train my two stray dogs to not attack people?

Hi, I have two stray dogs at my apartment. I take care of it and pamper them a lot. As a result, whenever I go near them they jump in excitement and attack pedestrains and run behind cars and two wheelers. It's very frightening for the ones who get attacked. I am not able to understand their behavior as I have never had a dog at home. I also hold a stick and act like I'm scolding them to make sure they do not repeat it, but eventually they'll end up chasing cars and pedestrians. Please help. How do I train them to stop that ?
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Hi Nikitha ! I can understand what are you worried about and you can teach your dogs by getting assistance and idea from proper dog trainer there are many available in India. you can find dog trainers from~ free pet classifieds for India. apart from that, you can keep then within your compound and not be leaving into streets without leashes. so it will keep it away from strangers.
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