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Food for 48 days old boxer pup??

hi, i am Udit, owner to a handsome Boxer Pup "Odin" who is Just around 48 days old. he has been with us for a week now. we had been feeding him with liquid Died that is dog milk prescribed by our vet, recently we also started giving him Pedegree for Pups, there are a few issues, please do help me 1st: he poops a lot like 7-8 Times a day 2nd: we feed him 4 times a day, previously it was fine with him, but now he is not eating properly, 3rd: he poops a lot and night and tries to eat his own poop, how to stop him from doing that? Please, please help me, i am worried and just want to ensure the best for him. Thanks for your help.. :( :)

By Udit Sarda · 06 Oct 2014 3:50 pm


By Adnan Khan · 07 Oct 2014 12:46 pm
Hi, please stop giving milk and get him on starter food of Royal Canin or any good brand.

1. Pooping will become 4-5 times a day when milk is slowly weaned off.
2. Tug him on the leash and correct him with a loud no every time he looks at poop.
3. 4 times a day feeding is fine, he might be eating less due to warmth but will increase again soon.
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By Udit Sarda · 07 Oct 2014 6:51 pm
Thank you @ Adnan Khan ☺☺
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