my girl went thru a histerectomy yesterday...i seek post-surgery advise?

A very good morning to all girl went thru a histerectomy yesterday...i seek post-surgery, walks etc....she hasnt consumed no solid since yesterday...Is it normal ? Wish all gr8 day...
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Hi, it is recommended that you offer her plenty of water and a small amount of food when she gets home.Keep the animal in a confined area for a day.Restrict your pet’s activity for 7 to 14 days after surgery.Discourage running, jumping and rough play.Do not wash or clean the incision.Some animals may have a blue glue-like material over the incision; this is the surgical adhesive that holds the incision closed. It will slough off on its own.Keep the incision dry for at least 7 days after surgery.The stitches will dissolve over time (unless otherwise stated) and getting them wet will cause the stitches to dissolve too quickly.Bathing and swimming are not advised.Check your pet’s incision daily until it has healed.A small amount of blood seepage is normal immediately after surgery.Some redness and swelling of the incision is expected and normal.If you have questions or concerns regarding the general health of your pet, please contact your veterinarian.
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