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Give me suggestion on caring tips on vaccination?

my vet suggests puppy dp an 9 in 1 and the corona and then 7 in 1 and then rabies and i don't know what all he suggest ................can some help me to find the right sequences and right requirement , I have 2 labs one black and one choco-brown both mismarked ( some says rare and some says genetic defect and says none but just a mutant of pure labs ) both are healthy dewormed om regular basis both got their puppy dp shots feeding royal canine starters 4 times a day with trple tonned milk.....no digestion complaints....pls suggest some good caring tips
By abhijeet patel · 07 Mar 2011 9:12 pm


By chollen · 08 Mar 2011 2:52 pm
you are doing very good with your puppies,, 4 times a day feeding royal canin is very good,, jus continue with that process... i have a chocolate lab too,, i use to do the same process, try to feed the royal canin dipped in luke warm water before feeding,, i gave 7 in 1 and rabies too,,
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By Navjot Singh · 12 Mar 2011 9:26 pm
I can understand how confusing this can be for you. Usually crucial issues such as vaccination should be considered and planned even before the puppy is brought as this helps one to plan this better when the puppy is at home.
I'll elucidate a basic vaccination schedule for your puppy which will give you a better insight
The first shot is given when a puppy is 1 month old. Subsequent boosters to be given after every 15 days till puppy turns 3 month old. Subsequent boosters to be given after 3-4 months till puppy turns 2 year old. Subsequent boosters can be given after 6 months after the puppy has crossed a 2 year old benchmark.

----7 IN 1 ( INCLUDES ALL DEADLY CANINE DISEASES, NAMLY Distemper, Parvavirus, Hepatitis, Parainfluenza and Leptospirosis )
The first shot to be given when puppy is 2 months old. The first booster to be given 1 month after the first vaccination and second booster to be given one month after the first booster is given. Annual boosters should follow after the completion of the 2 boosters shot.

---ANTI- RABIES ( Protects the puppy from Rabies virus which is easily transmittable from any other animal via direct contact like bite, this virus can then be transmitted to humans. There is no cure for this disease once human gets infected. This is legal mandatory in India considering Rabies like AIDS is an uncurable disease in the World. )
Your Lab puppies don't require this vaccination untill they are 3 months old. The booster shot should be given 1 month after the first vaccination was given. After this annual vaccination should follow.
I'll try to cover as many points of puppy care as I can:

1) Don't bathe the puppy unless it has completed the intial vaccination, ie Deworming when 1 month old, 7in 1 when 2 month old and Anti Rabies when 3 month old. After the vaccination, puppy should be bathed not more often than 1 month. Never let water go into puppy's ears, only use a dry cotton to clean dirt.

2) Don't take the puppy for a walk unless it has completed the above intial vaccination. The ideal age is 3 months as by then puppy has been dewormed, immuned against deadly diseases.

3) Never chain the puppy unless it's 3 month old. However, it's ok to chain for short intervals but under a strict supervision. Puppies can turn frantic and may strangle themselves accidently.

4) Don't let the puppy walk or play on a slippery floor as they can develop bending legs.
5) A puppy has to be fed 4 - 5 times every day, small meals should be offered on small bowl at regular period. You can ask a diet chart from the breeder of the dog you bought these puppies from. Always keep a provision of clean drinking water every time.

7) During teathing, puppy has a tendency of chewing any thing they come across. This can be dangerous as they may chew something poisonous or anything that may block their intestines necessatiating operation. Keep a provision of chewable bones availabe in markets and toys which will keep the puppy busy.

8) Puppy feel insecure and would feel more comfortable if you make a provision nice bed, many nice beds are available in any petshop near you house.

9) A good bathroom ettiquette is very important. Take the puppy out immediatley after it has been fed, this will enforce the habbit in puppy of relieving out of the house or relieving at a specific place in house. Use newspapers and make him relieve on them after they have relieved on the newspaper roll them up and keep them near the puppy for an hour or so. The smell coming out of the newspaper ball will reinforce the hbbit that the puppy must relieve only on a newspaper not anywhere.
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By Patricia · 02 Apr 2012 10:02 pm
i do not reccoment AT ALL to vaccinate with 8 in 1 or 9 in 1 vaccines. Please try to vaccinate with at least 1 ingredient vaccine or 2, or 3 maximum. The multiple ingredient in 1 are capable of causing vaccine reaction in the dog and ARE NOT SAFE. JuST KEEP IN MIND THAT if u vaacinate with single ingredient vaccine you have to have a 2 week rest before putting next vaccine.and please check that the vaccine that u are administering is ADJUVANT FREE
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