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I want to have a dog specially for guarding purpose and showoff, suggest?

i want to hav a dog spacilly for guarding perpose.+showoff...then which breed should i go for gsd , gret den or doberman.. i hn no dogs yet.. plz guide..
By shekhar · 31 Jul 2011 9:32 am


By Navjot Singh · 31 Jul 2011 10:50 am
Great danes are not guard dogs. Considering you've not had a dog before, you can go for GSD or Dobermann.Both are easy to train and are excellent guard and watch dogs. Keep in mind, these breeds are active and require daily exercise. If they are not exercised, they may prove destructive. Early training is must to make sure they grow up into manageable house campanions.
Don't take any decisions in haste, take time to analyse each breed, check their temperament, trainability, original purpose of breeding, amount of exercise, time required in grooming etc. Each breed has it's own pros and cons. Example, though GSD are good guard dogs, they tend to shed a lot and if you have a family member allergic to dogs, the breed is a big NO.
Internet is a great source of knowledge which will help you deliberate!! Once u've decided consider the cost factor, big dogs need more nutritional requirements and keeping 2 chapattis on his plate won't be enough. Puppies for 3 months need to be vaccinated and on an average the frequency of visit is weekly or atthemost 2 weekly.
Also since you are beginner you must know the difference between a guard dog and a watch dog. A guard dog should need arise can attack the intruder to protect his master and his property. They are highly wary of strangers whom they may not welcome. Socialisation at the early age is MUST.
Watch dogs are alert and by barking can scare away an intruder but they may not able to attack them. All dogs have this basic intinct. If you realy mean to have adog for guarding purposes go for it but be careful as early training and socialisation is a MUST.
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By abhinav singh · 31 Jul 2011 3:13 pm
if you have money then the best answer for your question is PITBULLS. .As they are real guard dogsand most ppl would'nt have seen themin india so, your showing off purpose is also achieved . But they are very very very aggresive breed so, if not handled by experenced person they can be dangerous or i should say very dangerous .
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By pennypup · 31 Jul 2011 10:15 pm
I agree with what Navjot Singh has said.
And pitbulls are NOT guard dogs. Pitbulls are a very powerful breed bred originally for dog fighting. A requirement of the breed was to be completely relaxed with all people. As such, they aren't suited to being a guard dog and are very tough to train for the first time dog owner.

I would also advise against a doberman. They are great dogs, but require someone with experience in training.

A GSD is probably your best bet.
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By Navjot Singh · 31 Jul 2011 10:49 pm
I agree with what Pennypup says. Shall we also say no breed must be tagged as "aggressive". Pitbull and Rottweiller have a bad reputation because of ill breeding. I've seen rottweilers being used as therapy dogs. No breed is aggressive or meek. Pitties were bred as a fighting dogs so aggression was like inculcated on them. But now dog fight is banned in UK and most part of the civilised world. Unfortunately, Pittbull has also been banned in the UK and most states in the USA. Perhaps , this was a step taken by the respective governments to reduce the growing no. of dog bite related fatalites in their countries. Though, i do find this decision rather illogical.
I hope Pennypup will be able to throw more light on this as s/he is a part of that world!
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By pennypup · 01 Aug 2011 4:18 am
The pitbull ban hasn't done anything to curb the numbers of dog bite victims. I'm from Canada, and in Ontario they have banned pitbulls. Really though people are still breeding them and they aren't muzzling them. (as required by law) No one does reports them though since most pitbulls are family pets.

It's unfair really. It's just those select few who have been owned by awful people who have trained them to be aggressive. They start fighting them with their littermates at 3 weeks old, encouraging them to bite etc.

If anything, the ban has only made those type of people keep their dogs further away from the public eye, or else they move on to a different powerful breed like Dogo Argentinos, Dobermanns, Rottweilers, Bull Terriers etc.

Pitbulls are great dogs; they're just a very powerful breed and in the wrong hands, bad things can happen.
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By Avinash Sunny · 08 Aug 2011 9:58 pm
take german shepheard.................. its a best option
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By shekhar · 31 Jan 2012 7:03 pm
hi frnds..thnks for guidnc..
finally now i hv GSD.
JOKEY..He is 50 days old
he is very active..energetic n full of life..
rt now im givin him pedigree weaning..
half cup for 4 times.aftr discuss wid vet.
dr. suggested not to gv water for drnking.
thnks for suggestions...wil contact u for n e difficulty...
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