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Great Dane bitch was shivering help?

I want to narrate u a incident that happened on 1st of March 2011. I should have done this before but it didn't strike me. This morning when I saw my Dane bitch (Bhallu) she was shivering as if she had fever and panting severely with slow jerks. Now this bitch let me tell u was weak right from birth, now at 4 years about 29" height. She didn't like non-veg, quite weird. Actually she had problems digesting meat and used to vomit so I feed her rice, rotis, milk and dog foods. The day before she ate rice, some rotis and milk. Now seeing her shiver I immediately took her to the Vet. Govt. Hospital. I live at Brahmapur , Odisha and people at Veterinary are A..holes as most do not know about giant breeds. The VS there was sitting on a chair inside the room and gossiping. Before even having a look at the Dog he asked me to bring some drugs. I went away when my brother and cousin were near the bitch. They were feeding her glucose with no success. When I came back I saw the bitch restless and was having difficulty in standing. As soon as we made her rest down she had a sigh and stopped breathing. Within a second or two after death her mouth started bleeding, about 3-4 litres of blood emptied her body within 10 seconds and suddenly I was standing in a pool of blood as large as a room. This was the most horrific incident of my life and I was shocked to respond to anything for sometime. All this happened in max. 1 hour from my rising up in morning and she dying, so it was like flash lightning. In the meantime the VS was still in his room (we were at the veranda). On other days he could have got killed but that day he was lucky as we were busy wrapping the dog and emotionally devastated. I narrated this incident bcos of 2 reasons: 1. I still cannot find out why she died 2. To show u the scene at Veterinary hospitals in India.
By Srichandan Dash · 12 Jan 2012 4:31 pm


By Ayon Saha · 12 Jan 2012 10:14 pm
Horrific like anything...running out of words to say anything.Sorry!

******* hell why dint u people just ***** those bastards...SOBs..!!!

I don't but there will be some place for sure...some authorities where you can complain and they will be screwed....PLEASE DO COMPLAIN...!!!

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By D.chakrabarty · 13 Jan 2012 9:44 am
could it be bloating? which is a very dangerous and acute condition in giant breed dogs. srichandan, i wud say plz enquire about the condition from some expert so that in future you can be aware. as to speak of animal hospitals, india is a state my dear where animal care is non existant. the govt as well as the private institutions are all the same. moreover there is no law which offers strict punishment against cruelty to animals that is why these people get away. the only way i think is to know more and be aware so that before the vet tells u, u can diagnose the problem. this is the situation my friend. nothing doing. i am really very sorry to hear about ur bhallu....
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By Anil @ DoggiesDude · 13 Jan 2012 9:51 am
Most VS services run on hit n trial method here. They will tell always things so that if any wrong medication is given blame goes on owner No diagnosis tests are done , They hardly have any equipment . only a small suitcase with some injections which they hide n inject. NEVER give/tell what they are medicating. Horrible scene. Some vets are improving but majority still suck. They are interested in selling feeds and supplements more.
The case seems to me (vaguely) of organ failure. If possible have a PM done at a Govt Vet dept. It costs just 15/- .Govt vet are better than most professional vets.
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By maneesh · 13 Jan 2012 2:33 pm
i feel sorry for ur dog,i ost my bitch too before 2 months
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By saurabh · 16 Jan 2012 11:10 pm
Very sorry to know abt the incident. May God rest her sole in peace. This probably was a case of bloat.
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By Srichandan Dash · 17 Jan 2012 3:28 pm
Saurabh , how can u say it was bloat ,anything specific?
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By shaily · 28 Mar 2012 10:54 pm
I too faced somewhat similar condition with my Labrador 1yr old . But he died due to poisoning . I lost him on 18th march and felt so helpless as he wasn't responding to any treatment . I can understand what you went through ..
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By shaily · 28 Mar 2012 10:54 pm
I too faced somewhat similar condition with my Labrador 1yr old . But he died due to poisoning . I lost him on 18th march and felt so helpless as he wasn't responding to any treatment . I can understand what you went through ..
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By Patricia · 02 Apr 2012 9:20 pm
Veterinary care in INDIA is really sometimes pathethic, and we as PET OWNERS need to realize that just because the veterinarian SAYS SOMETHING it doesnt mean is correct and we have to follow it. DO YOUR RESEARCH, ask for second opinions, try NON CONVENTIONAL METHODS LIKE HOMEOPATHY. But the most important thing...BEFORE BUYING A PET IN THIS COUNTRY depending of where you live you as a RESPONSIBLE INDIVIDUAL have to research if theres a decent VETERINARIAN in your area. If you buy a large breed specially you need to be aware of the diseases and have lots of information about DOG CARE.
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yashkant gaur
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By saurabh · Buying a puppy · 15 Dec 2011 2:14 pm · Reply Now

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