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I want to own a Neapolitan mastiff, please help?

I want to own a Neapolitan mastiff,but the problem is I already own a Spitz(male)of 12 years. 1.Is it suitable to have both? Can they coexist if I bring a female Neapolitan mastiff? What precautions should I take? 2.Is it suitable for me to have Neapolitan mastiff as I live in a apartment(the size is good to roam)? 3.Can the Neapolitan mastiff do good if its taken to walks only,thrice a day? 4.Is the Neapolitan mastiff really prone to diseases in old age? 5.are they really short lived?

2013-08-14T23:06:30+0530 14 Aug 2013 11:06 pm


2013-08-18T12:38:14+0530 18 Aug 2013 12:38 pm
It depends on the individual temperament of your existing dog. If your existing dog is kept well- having been socialised with other dogs, not chained at home, properly trained- physically and mentally, he should be able to accept other dog.
Since, you have a senior dog, I'd request you not to bring another dog in as he may not like other puppy being loved and pampered, while he sits at the corner resting. Right now, your senior dog needs your total love as he's is nearing the end of his life. That's my suggestion and am sure all other will agree to this...
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2013-08-28T00:08:47+0530 28 Aug 2013 12:08 am
thanks for answering navjyot. i will surely consider it. can you please tell which mastiff is the best or better than the rest,french,bull,neo etc?
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