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I want to start some work related to dogs,want to spend more time with them, help?

hi! I want to start some work related to dogs,coz i just wanna spend more time with them. i have a 9month cocker. can anyone tell me if there is any certified course on dog training in india, or any suggestions on what all i can do to start some work with them. m giving a thought to start with day boarding services,but that wud b a trouble coz i live in a rented house! help out me plzz
By Abhilasha Sharma · 11 Aug 2012 10:47 am


By chandrakant bhagwat · 13 Aug 2012 3:46 pm
Dear Abhilasha, There are few training schools which conduct the dog trainers courses,but in my opinion those are for one who wants to be a professional dog trainer.As for a person who wants to train his/her on dog I advise to get in touch with someone who is abroad through whom you can ask for " DOG TALK " By John Ross and video cd named "Its Pawssible" These two things will be enough for you to be a dog trainer. because I have done the same since I reside at a place where all these facilities are not available but after getting and studying this book and having watch the cd N number of times so far I have trained a Boxer female a labradore and Dbermann male, so wish you good luck have fun
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