When has playful roughhousing gone too far? When do we need to separate our playing dogs?

We have a 1 year old Pitt Mix. She is the gentlest dog I have ever had. We have properly socialized her with other dogs, puppies, people, children, etc... WE take her to the dog park and to doggy day care several times a week. We recently got a new pug mix puppy and they love to play. He of course is probably 1/8 her size but loves to play with her. She usually plays very well and even lets him get on top like he is winning the wrestling match. On occasion she will snap at him and he will squeal and run away. I have heard that this is her telling him when he has taken the biting or roughhousing too far. I worry about three things. 1. Will this roughhousing make our new puppy more aggressive towards other dogs or people. 2. Will it make my older dog think it's okay to pick on dogs smaller than her. 3. We of course worry about the older dog taking it too far and actually causing harm to the smaller one. Any advice on what to look for or when we should intervene if things are getting too rough?
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