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Which is better a male pup or a female pup?

Which is better a male pup or a female pup? Why is it that in general most people would go for a male pup and not a female pup. All readers/ website viewers please do give your opinion/ views on the matter, as it would give a clearer picture to people looking at buying a new puppy and also help in clearing any misconceptions. My views: I personally prefer females now, for the simple reason that I find them more loving, affectionate and easier to train and live with. Yes they do come in heat every 6 months, but if you are buying a pet, you should get it sprayed after its first heat and then you will never have your pet coming in heat ever. Even for male dogs, one should get them neutered if they are pets and are not going to be shown and breed. If a pet is kept intact, he or she can develop health problem later on in life. A male dog can even run away from home if he smells a female dog on heat. Some people are concerned about the guarding ability of a female in comparison to the male dog but I feel that a female can guard ones property and owner/s just as well as a male. Infact once again a female is more attached to the house and the chances of her wandering off are far less as compared to some males.
By Dinkar Singh · 22 May 2010 10:35 am


By Rana Atheya · 22 May 2010 11:14 am
Agree with you Dinkar, I feel for pet homes Females are best. Females are easier to keep, caring and understanding. I cannot understand why people always prefer male. I keep telling new buyers these things but they do not tend to buy the fact.
As soon as you think of running a kennel, its my personal opinion, it becomes important to have a proven stud. but still I believe kennel can have more females than Studs.
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By bhartan · 22 May 2010 2:27 pm
Female dog is always a better companion. It is obedient, attached and more manageable.

Still people go for male dogs.

It is a human psyche (particularly in case of males) that makes them go for a male dog. A male dog is bigger, stronger and meaner and people think of their dogs as an extension of self (a bigger, stronger and meaner extension).

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By Ansh · 22 May 2010 5:32 pm
Its a misconception readymade in Indian minds that female dogs are hard to manage just because of heat. Though points risen up by you are absolutely right. People get male dog because they believe that they guard better and are more stronger than females.
Female dogs are easy to train and are more attached while males have attitude to rule emotions.
I personally prefer females (not because want to breed but they are easily ranked better in points elaborated by you than males).
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By Shalin · 22 May 2010 10:40 pm
you all are right,but i feel that certainly physical as well as tempramental differences are there and experienced owners must be knowing this.thus it is then their personal choice.But it is not only on the basis of biases,but commonly so in india.i personally prefer male dogs and that is not because of any preconceived notion but as a matter of personal choice.therefore i would like to conclude by saying that yes there are wrong notions about bitches but that does hardly matter to wise ones.so every male owner is not being bias and every female owner is not a fool.it should be just a matter of personal choice but sadly it is not commonly seen.
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By Gopal Krishna · 24 May 2010 12:43 am
for me they all are same... only thing i guess for choosing male over female is the size... people selects male because male are always bigger and muscular than female... but its has nothing to do with the nature or behavior... a sound and strong willed female can take the alpha position... I do not feel there is any temperament difference in females... its all about how we train them... Ultimately a human should be the pack leader... only the breed matters for me and Rotty is no. 1 in my list :)
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