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Which has a better temperament for being a family dog... a Cane Corso or the French Mastiff?

which has a better temperament for being a family dog... a Cane Corso or the French Mastiff?? are cane's available in india?? if anyone knows a reputed and genuine breeder of cane corso then plz do let me know...
By chintamani · 26 Oct 2009 1:00 pm


By Dinkar Singh · 26 Oct 2009 6:05 pm
Cane Corso is not available in India via a breeder. Both the dogs are not advised for first time dog owners or people who do not have experience with big powerful guard breeds.

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By Siddhaant Trivedi · 27 Oct 2009 4:39 pm
@Chintamani : Hey man ,
You will find many reputated french mastiff breeders in india, but it will be almost impossible to get a corso in here. I have heard of mny ppl seeling almost zero wrinkle crooped ears neos in a cane corso name , but if u know the breed standards properly u wont be fooled by such guys....

Now for ur answer my opinion wud same as mr dinkar..if u are a first time owner than u must consider thinking twice...but still i wud like to comment thats theres always a first time for everythn... be ready to take responsibilty of these majestic dogs, they will need everythn in extra bein of extra size. french mastiffs are rather on the calmer side than corsos. but power stamina is alsmot the same.

next is that u must consider not taking a same sex dog (if u have any ryt now at ur home) coz french mastiffs and corsos are a same sex dominating breed , thier might be confrontations...i hope ths answer wud haf quenched ur thirst feel free to ask nythn more...
Regards ,
Siddhaant Trivedi .
Owner of Dvijatmankennel.
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By Kailash Relan · 28 Oct 2009 9:48 pm
For Cane Corso.U might be able to find dalal's as i know one who can arrange u a pup(its a puppy mill) so no point..I would not advise both the breeds...as they are not only difficult to handle but manintainence costs will be also high
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By Daniyal Jamil · 29 Nov 2009 12:46 am
there is a breeder in blore. kahu cane corso. they have a website too but i dont think its working.
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