Which dry dog food brand do pet seller feed to their puppies excluding Royal Canin? and Why?

What are some good quality dry food brand as well as cheap?I'm asking this question because I am going to start a new pet shop, there I am going to sell puppies. I'm in worry right now about what to feed my puppies. I choose some dry dog food brand to feed my puppies. I'm listing it right now.Pedigree Professional starter (I know you will say pedigree is chap I know as well, but I am talking about professional)Drools Focus starterSmartheartI'm confused between this three products. I want good quality products because I am not going to own them (puppies) for a life time. Please don't suggest me a products like orijen

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Dogs are one of the most adorable pets with great six senses. When you bring the home dog, you are not only bringing a new member for your family but you are also adding a lot of responsibility for yourself. Taking care of a pet is very important. The new member cannot speak so we need to take good care of their food habits. Initially, this might seem to be very hectic and strenuous but as time passes you gradually get connected with the pet, and become very cautious for them. The dogs are very close to their owners and children. They easily get attached to the owners and become a member of the family. Like any other family member, people need to be very careful about what they are feeding their pet dog. The food provided to the dogs must be healthy and fit for the dogs. There are different kinds of dog food available in the market that is helpful for the growth of your pet. However, you must be very careful and should know what you are feeding your dog. Selecting the correct food for your dog can be very hectic. Apart from taking suggestions from your veterinarian, the pet dog seller can also help you to choose the correct dog food for your dog. The dog food available in the market is mainly of two types’ i.e dry food for dogs and wet food for dogs. The formulation of the two types of food is different undoubtedly and they have their benefits. Dry food for dogs is easily available in the market. The Royal Canin is one of the best dog foods that contain an adequate amount of proteins and nutrients that the dog requires. Apart from this, there is other dry dog food too that is available in the market and contains all the nutrients that are required by the dog. The other dog foods that are available in the market are:  Pedigree  Drools  Blue Buffalo  Diamond Naturals The dogs too require proteins and nutrients to grow healthy and strong. The dry food has its benefits. It is easily available and more economical as compared to wet food. The dry food is also formulated in such a way that they can easily clean the teeth of the dogs. Hence before deciding what kind of food you want to feed your dog. Choosing the correct dry food for your dog is very important. It should not only be good for the dog but must also be economical for you. The dry dog food is easily formulated in such a way that they provide the dogs with the correct nutrients and help them to become healthier. This also helps to make their skin shinier and softer. The dogs must be kept as the family member and must be taken care of properly. The food helps to keep the dog stronger and sharper. You need to understand which food is suitable for your dog and provide it with the same. You must change it from time to time to prove a change of taste for your dog.
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