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Which type of dog vitamins & supplements products I give to my dog?

Which type of dog vitamins & supplements products I give to my dog?
By Faisal Khan · 25 Jul 2013 5:04 pm


By Amolika Nayar · 25 Jul 2013 5:20 pm
Our recommendation to you is to see the label before giving any vitamin/mineral supplement to your pet and appearance for the subsequent qualities:
Contains a minimum of eight essential vitamins as well as A, B-complex, D, and E, further because the B vitamins. Vitamins A and E area unit all-important antioxidants that facilitate maintain a healthy system and will even be enclosed within the supplement. Vitamins and minerals ought to be within the correct quantitative relation for your pet's healthiness and also have High palatability.
In addition, inspect the ingredient list of multi-vitamin supplements to envision from that sources the vitamins and minerals area unit coming back for example, our Lifestage Select® multivitamins contain:
B-Complex and metallic element from Brewer's Yeast and different sources
Magnesium from victuals and fish, and different sources
Calcium from non-fat dry milk, and different sources
Fatty acids from marine sources, like cod liver oil
Iron from natural sources, like liver, further as different sources
Not all nutriment supplements contain these quality ingredients. And, keep in mind that no matter your explicit pet's species or age, the correct supplementation can facilitate him live the simplest quality life potential.
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