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Do i need to get the same before registering her with KCI?

While registering my pet, do i need to have her parents info handy? The friend who gifted her to me had told me that her father has been a champ at a number of dog shows organized by the Chennai Kennel Club, however, i dont have their info with me. Do i need to get the same before registering her with KCI?
By Mehran Shah · 15 Sep 2008 3:45 pm


By Gaurav · 18 Sep 2008 7:19 pm
Hi Mehran

You dont need papers, but your dog will be registered with unknown parents. For more details check out this link https://www.dogspot.in/kennel- club-india-dog-registration/

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By Vizal · 23 Sep 2008 7:01 pm
it will be good for your puppy to get his parents pedigree (if possible) if he is from such a good bloodline. However u can register your dog with KCI without parents name as well. in the name of parents they will mention UNKNOWN.
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