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White type of living condition is suitable for Rottweiler?

White type of living condition is suitable for Rottweiler? Large natural area, apartment, duplex with big lawn/yard , medium size lawn apartment or whatsoever. I have seen directly imported pups from roopikakennels.com - but have doubt about their age. Any feedback about them? Is it ok to keep rotts with labs?
By Ansh · 10 May 2010 10:25 am


By bhartan · 10 May 2010 12:25 pm
Rotts thrive in human company. A big yard is ideal but I would say a lot of interaction with family is even more necessary. A Rott left alone in the yard for long duration without any company is a recipe for disaster. I feel some natural area (even if it is a small yard) is necessary for all dogs and really helps their feet. However, irrespective of the space, daily walks are pretty useful for bonding with the family/owner and making the dog used to other sights, sound, people and animals.
Have you seen pups in person or on their web page?
In the webpage the pups look like 2-2.5 mo. They look good but it is hard to say anything without seeing them in person.
Rotts have a dominant nature and don't like to back off, so ideally they should be kept with a dog of opposite sex (with due care in time of heat / spaying and neutering is advisable). However, a submissive dog of the same sex who wouldn't fight with the Rott may be considered. Generally Labs aren't aggressive and if the owner properly enforces his alpha status then I would say that the two would be manageable.
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By Ansh · 10 May 2010 4:31 pm
Bharatan : I seen pups on their webpage and they are very small like 2 months. After talking with roopikakennels they are telling that pups are directly imported and will cost 1.10 lac each with import paper and regd.
Can any rott specialist tell me the price is fair or not.
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By bhartan · 10 May 2010 5:13 pm
I'm not a specialist but I know a bit about prices in US and Europe. The very best quality go for around $2500 in US and Europe, decent ones are available for $1200 odd and BYB sell Rott pups for as low as $300 there.
Some breeders in India offer great pups for 35-40K.
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By karthik · 13 May 2010 12:52 pm
Hi Ansh, It is great to have a back yard for Rottweiler. But it is not mandatory. They can adapt well in an apartment. But what is must is
1. Enough excercise
2. Lot of companionship & Love
3. Lots of training. Start early.

It is worth going for imported pups only if the breeder is giving you health certifcate (OFA/ED/HD). If not chosse a good breeder in India and buy your pup.

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