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Why are Dobermann so unpopular in India, particularly in Delhi.?

Why are Dobermann so unpopular in India, particularly in Delhi. I hardly find any takers of this breed. People are mad about pug, Saint Bernard, Mastiff. Pug has a short mouth thus it tends to over-heat in warm climates. The breed is a big no for countries like India unless you can offer air conditioned environment. Saint Bernard are for cold climates, not for hot climates like India. Mastiffs drool a lot, live no longer than 8-9 year. My friend bought a Lab, thinking it's a gaurd dog, while Lab are not a guard dog, they are retrievers not bred to bite or scare away people. I wonder why people are so naive when it comes to selecting a breed. The only best gaurd dogs suitable for India climate are GSD, Dobermann Pincher and Rottweillers. I remember, my neighbours daughter got so mad about vodafone add that she bought a pug for 25 thousand but the breed developed a serious ailment and demanded a surgery. They definetly didn't take this into consideration before. If one do want a small dog, then Spitz are perhaps the best. If one wants more showy dog then Lhasa Apso are the best as long as they are groomed. They live more than other breeds.
By Navjot Singh · 13 Jan 2011 10:06 pm


By Shalin · 13 Jan 2011 11:07 pm
i completely agree....doberman is unequalled as a guard dog and yet is not overly aggressive like it is made out to be.dont know y its loosing its place.rotties are huge and are in great fashion now....thease questions simply cant be asnwered? i have a boxer and it too is not as popular as gsd or lab or rotti?? this amazes me
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By Navjot Singh · 13 Jan 2011 11:29 pm
The think is having exotic breeds in some cities in India is like showing off your wealth. People have more money to spend on luxury. A 10 year old dobermann sits tirelessly on the gate of a bank near my house. A bark is enough for an intruder to walk back his steps. Yet, the dog is so friendly with people whom he's familiar with. More over, this dog hardly sheds, though need some extra attention in cold. They are more healthy then other guard dogs.
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By Dinkar Singh · 14 Jan 2011 10:13 am
Dobermans were very popular say 10 odd years back. Its a craze with breeds and a kind of up and down. It does not mean that a breed is bad or not liked. Again one can see a come back with dobs. They are great dogs and will exercise themselves if opened in a big lawn etc.
But there has been one problem with them. They tend to become one man dogs and also at times found to be a bit unpredictable.

Pugs are not suited to our climate but the ad has made the dog very popular.

People still do not know much about dog breeds nor do they want to do research. Its very unfortunate. Another sad part is the way most breeders and also so called known people in the dog world,breed dogs and treat them like commodities. They keep them in very bad conditions. I recently visited a person know in the so called dog world of north India and was horrified by the way he had kept and whelped his dogs.

Its my request to all to buy from only genuine dog lovers and not from ppl who treat dogs as products and keep them in inhuman conditions. Please go visit the kennel or home and only then buy happy dogs pups. It will be a step towards making the dogs life better and stop ppl breeding just for money.
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By chollen · 23 Apr 2011 7:20 pm
i am looking for pure breed doberman.have been searching , if u have any knowledge let meknow. i lives in dehra dun
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By Dinkar Singh · 24 Apr 2011 9:10 am
No good breeders in DDun. Dobs have lost their popularity and may be coming back.....so you need to be very careful from who you buy one. There is a well known breeder in Lucknow and then mostly down south.
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By · 28 Apr 2012 11:53 pm
Never buy a puppy from a pet store, veterinary doctor or a backyard breeder. Read this blog https://woofindia.wordpress.co m . Post your query there and he will help you. Best guy in India.

take care
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By Siddhartha Saha · 27 Oct 2017 11:36 am
Any reputed Doberman breeders in Bangalore, someone can refer me. We already have two boxers and are looking to add one Doberman in our family. Will prefer someone who has actual European working dog bloodline. Not looking specifically for an American show quality puppy, but would prefer an original European working dog bloodline.A little help in this regards will help a lot.RegardsSiddhartha 918971826487
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