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Why a lot of breeders shifting from other breeds to Rottwielers?

Why a lot of breeders shifting from other breeds to Rottwielers? In IKG almost 80% of advertisement are of Rotts. How come the reason of this? Would like to know the space needed for Rott and breeding requirements. Suggetions and clarification will be appreciated.
By Ansh · 28 Apr 2010 6:52 am


By Dinkar Singh · 28 Apr 2010 9:11 am
Its actually a herd mentality, unfortunately. Yes, like the pug the Rottweiler has become popular in India, but this breed is not meant for any and everyone. And I feel people are also realizing it and the bubble is bound to burst soon. Just because the ads are coming in the IKG does not mean Rottweiler are very popular, its only the last issue that had so many breeders but otherwise there are only a couple of ads. There are already so many good dogs in India and a huge number of pups available in the market, that I dont think its wise to breed rottweiler unless you have an exceptional dog/s. Still think twice as this breed is expensive to maintain and rear their young ones till they find new homes.
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By Ansh · 28 Apr 2010 9:35 am
Thanks Mr. Dinkar, expecting the first answer from you with this question.
Iam not only meant for IKG but with online portals also.
Take a look at : dogsindia.com / dogspot.in
Maximum advt. are of Rotts : compared to other breeds (except lab - extremely common).
Very highly agree with you that due to lots of boom and without proper knowledge about socialization, expense, space, climate, feeding, environment requirement people are running behind money that results in bad/deform temperament rott breeding which is extremely dangerous.
After pitbull , rotts hold the second rank of most bites/kill percent in world.
I am not intended to breed rotts because my underconstruction kennel is only for labs.
I already had got 30,000sqft area along with duck pond and long bushy grasses to make feel of real gundog and breeding to match international standard. ( Taken this step inspired by Colossus Kennel). But the fencing and grills are underconstruction.

My question is unlike labs what the environment, spacing requirements for rotts.
I want to enquire since a friend of mine is interested in rott breeding and thus like to know pros and cons of the breed to breeding at international standard.
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By Shalesh Singh · 12 May 2010 12:01 pm
thanks... i like this post
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