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Will kci take any action against the organisers of 11th indian sieger show.?

will kci take any action against the organisers of 11th indian sieger show.
By kartik · 30 Jan 2009 3:30 pm


By Rana Atheya · 30 Jan 2009 4:42 pm
Hi Kartik: could you please elaborate more about your question?

Why would KCI does that?
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By Pulkit Gupta · 09 Feb 2009 10:08 pm
What do you mean Kartik? Why do you want action to be taken against the organisers of the sieger show??

Do Reply!!!
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By kartik · 12 Feb 2009 8:09 pm
The show organisers didn't run the show by kci ruls but there own ruls. the age of one of the females of organisers was presented less than nearly 4 months &that can be observed by watching her on pedigree database because her photo was updeted there 6 months back from sieger show &she is over 9 months in that photo & in show she is intered in puppy class.then it is very easy to show wrong age bcs she belongs to organisers,& he is very old member of kci.the organisers dogs get tired after only 2 or 3 rounds therefore judge finished his judging whereas for working klass the working ability, stamina& will of the dog to work is to be tested & it is know to a single gsd lover then why it should be done .some handelers were smoking on ground who are from other country . here there is ban to do so at show ground by kci & also it is baned smoking at any public space in india then it is not for this event? these are few things i am mentioning butthere are so much wrong things done by them (with judge also)which seen by hundreds of people but we can not do something because the show was theirs & also the kci.
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By Pulkit Gupta · 12 Feb 2009 10:27 pm
Kartik, with all due regards, there can be an error in the pedigree database of image posting as so many images are posted so keeping a track on all is not possible. When a dog enters the ring, the registration of the dog can be checked..and is suspicion arises, the dog's chip can be scanned and the reg. no can be looked up in the KCI database to find the authentic date of birth of a dog. The judges of such shows are not mere paupers who turn up to judge such events; they are certified people with a reputation to maintain. They would obviously see which dog is entering.

As with your smoking concern, i would strongly recommend you talking with the local police, as it is their jurisdiction. LOL. Had it come in the notice of any KCI official, the handlers would have definitely been asked to stop smoking then and there itself.

Hope your doubts are cleared. Dont hesitate to reply back in case there is anything else.

Pulkit Gupta
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