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Please help me,how to train my puppy to stop eating all the dirt and plants in my yard.?

i am worried on how much i need to feed my 6 week pup which i got home a couple of days ago. my vet adviced me to feed it salomac 2 spoons four times a day. it looks too small a quantity to my eyes. also it jumps on it and finishes it in a flash and keeps on waiting for the food all the day. am i feeding it less? pls help me on its food. please help me... me how to train my puppy to stop eating all the dirt and plants in my yard...does it harm my pup a big way? any suggestions for me are gladly recieved and appreciated. thanks in advance........ also my vet adviced me not to let my dog walk on the polished floor of my house.he warned me it would get rickets. any advice?
By srikanth · 15 Feb 2011 11:44 pm


By KamalRaj J Kuppal · 16 Feb 2011 9:35 am
what breed you bought?
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By sandy · 18 Feb 2011 8:59 am
feeding depends on breed, pups activity levels etc so in general after 4 weeks + we should start roycal canine starter puppy which is more of solid food then a filler like samolac or ceralac, first introduce royal canine 30:70 ratio and then gradually increase it so by 2 months it should be ealting onlt Royal.

A medium breed would eat at least 200=250 gms per day of solid food so give it based on that proportion. The thumb rule is that the stomach of the pup should not ballon out when it eat food it should be slightly bulged.

At this age u cant healp as they are still playful and training can be started at 3 months + of age as they would gain some maturity and would understand commands. eaither dont leave u r boy outside or put a soft mouth cap.

yeah dont keep in smooth surface all day....if u can leave it on terrace for 4-6 hours to play thats fine...
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yashkant gaur
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