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Would like breeders here to decipher the meaning of various terms used in dog shows and their use?

Would like breeders here to decipher the meaning of various terms used in dog shows and their use? These terms are like RCC, CC, BOB, BIS, BOG etc. Would be great if it can also be explained what constitute these champions names and the full meaning eample. Ch. Vidane Leskor, Am Ch Windy Hill Kodak Moment etc Normal dog lover may not understand the logic behind these names? why the competition is intense over the titles (RCC, CC, BOB, BIS, BOG etc.) What value it holds for them? Thanks
By Dr Saurabh · 17 May 2010 9:42 pm


By Gopal Krishna · 18 May 2010 7:23 am
Here are the meaning of almost all dog titles, Hope this will be helpful for you guys...

BOB – Best of Breed

BIS – Best in Show

Ch - Champion

CGC – Canine Good Citizen

CD – Companion Dog

CDX – Companion Dog Excellent

OTCh – Obedience Trial Champion

PT – Pre-trial Tested

HT – Herding Tested

HS – Herding Started

HI – Herding Intermediate

HX – Herding Excellent

HCH – Herding Champion

AD – Agility Dog

VAD – Veteran Agility Dog

VAAD – Veteran Advanced Agility Dog

VMAD – Veteran Master Agility Dog

AAD – Advance Agility Dog

MAD – Master Agility Dog

ADCH – Agility Dog Champion

SM – Snooker Master

GM – Gambler Master

PM – Pairs Master

JM – Jumpers Master

NA - Novice Agility

OA – Open Agility

AX – Agility Excellent

MX – Master Agility Excellent
Field Trials

AFC – Amateur Field Champion

FC – Field Champion

CAFC – Canadian Amateur Field Champion

CFC – Canadian Field Champion

FD – Field Dog

FDJ – Field Dog Junior

FDX – Field Dog Excellent

NFC – National Field Champion
Ground Trials

JE – Junior Earthdog

ME – Master Earthdog

SE – Senior Earthdog

JC – Junior Courser

SC – Senior Courser

FCH – Field Champion

CC – Coursing Champion

CM – Courser of Merit

NACM – National Courser of Merit

LCM – Lure Courser of Merit

LCM2 – Lure Courser of Merit Twice

JH – Junior Hunter

SH – Senior Hunter

RD – Retrieving Dog

GSDC – Gun Dog Stake Champion

NGDC – National Gun Dog Champion

FD – Flyball Dog

FDX – Flyball Dog Excellent

FDCH – Flyball Champion

FDM – Flyball Dog Master

FMX – Flyball Master Excellent

FMCH – Flyball Master Champion

FDGCH – Flyball Grand Champion

ONYX – Points based award named after first recipient

BH – German Companion Dog

SchHI, II, and III – German levels for 3-part title obedience, tracking and protection
Working Titles

BIH – Blindenhund, Guide Dog

GRH – Grenzenhund, Border Patrol Dog

DH – Diensthund, Service Dog

DD – Draft Dog

TDD – Team Draft Dog

WC – Working Certificate

WCI – Working Certificate Intermediate

WCX – Working Dog Excellent

WRD – Water Rescue Dog

TD – Therapy Dog

TDI – Therapy Dog International

TT – Temperament Tested

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By Gopal Krishna · 18 May 2010 7:27 am
More the titles Dog earns more his value and qualification will be... Its like professional certification :)
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By Dr Saurabh · 19 May 2010 10:48 am
thanx gopal.thats a very exhaustive list.
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By Gopal Krishna · 19 May 2010 11:30 am
Pleasure is all mine... Even I hardly knows maximum of them... Because of your question I had a chance to gather some information on these!!! Thanks to you Doctor :)
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By simi · 02 Jun 2010 5:09 pm
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