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Raising A Puppy Or An Adult Dog Are Both Good Choices, Depending On Your Preference And Personality.

29 Apr 2013 | by | Posted in: Wag Wiki

On the path of becoming a parent of a loving pooch, we often keep asking ourselves whether we should adopt a puppy or an adult dog. This confusing query keeps bothering us until the day we make our final decision. However, let me remind you that dogs at any given age are adorable and can bond with people who love and take care of them. In return, they shower their unconditional love in multifold giving all they can to their pet parent. Yet, people do have their own preferences and consider a few things in mind before they decide for a puppy or an older pooch – such as how old are the kids at home, if the parent is expecting a baby or if they have ever had a pet in the past!

The following questions should be given top priority when choosing between a puppy and an adult dog:

dog with puppy

· How much time can I dedicate to my pooch on a daily basis?Puppies require more care and attention compared to adult dogs. They are just like babies! You need to get physically and emotionally involved with a puppy for most hours of the day. In short, they want you around them all the time! Adult dogs can get easily adjusted to your daily routine. Nevertheless, some pooches dislike staying alone at home and if left more than 8 hours, then even adult dogs are not the right choice for you.

· Do I have kids at home and how old are they?

It is usually advised that if a future pet parent has a kid under 6 years of age, then the best option would be to adopt a pooch that is over two years old.

· Do I have the patience and time to train my pooch?

Puppies require basic command training such as stay, sit, come, heel and down. You need to spend sufficient time in order to train them to become obedient dogs. Patience is the key word here! During their teething process, puppies are usually destructive as they attack shoes, clothes, furniture and anything they can lay their paws on. Adult dogs often know these basic commands; however, they may require advanced training for which a competent trainer can be hired.(Taking care of miniature dogs)

· Will my pooch be able to accompany me for outdoor activities?

If you would like to take your dog on outdoor adventures, you need to consider adopting a young adult dog of a certain size. Puppies don’t have the stomach to travel long distance.

All puppies are cute, cuddly and playful. They are a bundle of joy to any family but come with a lot of responsibility. Hence, some people prefer to choose an adult dog. Here are some advantages of choosing a puppy over an adult dog and vice versa:

Advantages of a puppy over an adult dog


When you raise a puppy from a very young age, you can mould his personality with proper care and training. You can raise him to be friendly and obedient with children as well as adults. You can exercise more control in shaping his overall personality compared to an adult dog.


When you get a puppy from a reputed breeder, you can procure all the information relating to the health history of his parents. This will make your veterinary doctor aware of the hereditary tendencies of your puppy, depending on the breed and also enable him to advise on the preventive measures to be taken, in case of any unexpected diseases in the near future.


You can train your puppy from a young age to participate in some physical activities. You can teach him to play frisbee and catch-the-ball, as this will create a loving bond between the two of you right from the time he would have come into your life as an itsy bitsy pooch!

Getting older

You can enjoy the period of watching your puppy get older, just as we humans love to see our kids grow. You can have fond memories of his puppy time, by taking loads of pictures and videos over the years.

Advantages of an adult dog over a puppy

adult dogPersonality

The personality of an adult dog is already formed; hence, you are aware of what he will be like when you bring him home. However, in the case of a puppy, you cannot predict the personality he will have as an adult. If an older dog is obedient and caring, he is going to stay that way.


It is much easier to care for an older dog, as he does not need all the initial intensive dog training, which you certainly require for a puppy. You need to commit time for a puppy, to raise him to be potty trained, obedient and friendly. An adult dog needs some basic socialization towards your family and home.


Adult dogs have stronger immune systems with highly developed bodily organs. Puppies are more susceptible to viruses, as their immune systems and digestive tracts are undeveloped.

Save a life

When you adopt an adult dog from a shelter, remember you are saving a life! These dogs need a forever loving home and you could be the one to make this special difference.

To sum up the entire debate of which one to choose, I will explain in short the journey of a puppy to adulthood.

Once a puppy is alienated from his canine mother, you take over the role of his mother when you bring him home. You raise him into a balanced and obedient dog. Puppies require stringent hard work and commitment. They need leadership, exercise, housetraining, behavior training, socialization and regular visits to the vet. They also go through a teething stage where they chew on everything in your home. Nevertheless, this puppy stage does is not everlasting. Their temperament, coat, size and activity levels change. They grow rapidly into adult dogs. The stage in between puppy and adulthood is their adolescent phase where these pooches need a lot of care and supervision. By the time, these puppies are over a year old, they are considered as adult dogs. Less than a year is spent in the cuddly puppy stage, while the next 10 to 15 years are spent with an adult dog. Though puppies maybe cute, but one should not chose a dog based only on the looks. If you don’t bring in the right type of pooch and provide all the necessary requisites such as leadership skills, exercise etc, your adult dog will grow up to be disobedient and unfriendly. Adopting a puppy or a dog should not be taken with a pinch of salt! It should be considered as the most important decision of your life, that too with the consent of your entire family. Go on and get home a Woof Woof!!

Pooches make a magical difference to our lives, they make us ‘COMPLETE!’

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