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Raising a Puppy to Ensure Health, Happiness and Delight

01 May 2013 | by | Posted in: Wellness

Adopted a puppy? Oh you may be so excited! Adopting a puppy is among the most wonderful feelings ever. Puppies are so cute that they are irresistible. You probably want to hug your little puppy tight and shower him with lots of kisses. You probably want to start playing with him and having lots of fun.

Wait... Sure you can hug him and pamper him endless but don’t be hasty. He is a member of your family and you will have plenty of time to shower all your love on him. Right now, it is your duty to help him adjust to his new home so that he is comfortable. Puppies are generally very scared because they are in a completely new environment. They are worried and troubled, and it is your duty to ease them out so that they feel better in their surroundings. There is plenty of work for you to do right from day one. Here are some tips on raising a puppy to help you out:

puppy health


Oh yeah! Start playing with him in the first week itself. Playing will help your puppy’s muscular development. Let him pounce and stalk toys. If you don’t give him toys, he will start stalking you because that is a dog’s natural behavior. Buy him good quality toys that are light and movable. You could just give him a rubber ball too. However, be sure that the toy is not too small or he might swallow it and choke.


You should start training your puppy and disciplining him right from the day you bring him home. This includes instructions such as Sit, Stay, Quiet, No, Yes, and so on. Also, you should start dog potty training him so that he eliminates in the right place right from the beginning. If you wait any longer, he will establish some place or worse, the entire house as a place to eliminate and changing that habit will be very difficult.

Be very patient with your puppy. He is in his learning stages and mistakes are bound to happen. Always use positive reinforcement instead of harsh punishment to teach him. Harsh punishment will stress him out and depress him. That will majorly affect his development. Don’t ever do that! Be nice to him and realize that the best way to teach your dog is to be nice to him. Praise him endlessly when he does something right and pamper him with treats so that he knows he made you happy. When he does something wrong, ignore him and show your distress through a strict tone. He will understand you are upset with him and will soon know not to do that particular thing.

Dogs inherently want to please and impress. You should us that to train your puppy.


Vaccinating your puppy is extremely important for his health. This is probably the most important step in raising a puppy and if you want the welfare of your pet and your family, make sure your puppy gets all the required shots and the right times. No vaccination can cause serious diseases.

Talk to the vet about the schedule for vaccination. Usually, deworming is the first step followed by a few shots. The vet will give the timing of the shots. Make sure you follow those timings and don’t skip any shot schedule. The shots might scare your little puppy. Be comforting when you take him to the vet and once he gets his shot, praise him and pamper him. Carrying treats with you will also help.


You should set the right feeding schedule for your puppy to follow. Puppies must be fed around four times at specific times throughout the day. Make sure you buy highly nutritious food for your puppy based on his breed and his age. You have many options of dog food to explore. Choose the best based on his requirements. Always stick to brands.

If your dog refuses to eat his food, may be there is something wrong with the bowl or the food. Change the food if he refuses to eat for a few days straight. Buy the right bowl so that he is comfortable while eating his food as opposed to intimidated.


You should start socialization training from the fourth week and continue until the twelfth week. Socialization is important for puppies. Otherwise they will grow up to be alone and will not like company. They also won’t like it when a stranger approaches them. If you have other pets in the house, socialization is even more important. Let the experiences be pleasant so that your puppy grows up to be pleasant. Bad experiences are even worse than no experiences.


Puppies will sleep a lot, some breeds more than the others. Let your puppy sleep well and don’t try distracting him or waking him up. You might see movements when he sleeps. He may also make sounds in his sleep. Don’t worry because it is normal. This is activated sleep. Scientists say that is may be because the puppy is dreaming and wants to be a part of that dream. Don’t disturb him. Let him dream away. The movements and sounds will stop when he grows older.


Puppies have a peculiar breath. It is not unpleasant but it is peculiar. Don’t worry about it either. It is completely normal. It is called puppy breath and it will fade away after a few months.


Puppies will chew A LOT! Since their teeth are growing, they will chew away. Make sure you buy him chew toys that are safe and healthy so that he doesn’t chew on your slippers, shoes, and other household items. You will find many chew toys for dogs that are safe and healthy. Buy the right size according to his breed. If you buy too small a toy, he might swallow it and choke. If the toy is too big, he will have problems chewing.


Start grooming your dog right from the beginning so that he gets habituated. Trimming his nails, brushing his coat, and cleaning his ears and eyes are very important. If you start doing it early, he will be cooperative. Adult dogs will definitely not like some strange devices poking at them. They will be very intimidated. Thus, start grooming early.

Follow these steps and you will successfully have raised your puppy to grow into a happy, healthy, and delightful dog!

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