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Hi all....

Here is a small introduction of Jogger - a street smart dog in Lajpat Nagar, who was born to a doggie very friendly with me. Jogger is the only one who could survive among that litter of 8 pups. He's a around 2.25 years old now.

This is how Jogger was 3 months back, to me - a very loving, adorable dog who couldn't help wagging his tail n rubbing himself against my clothes. He would follow me everywhere I go n pick up fights with other dogs who came on the way. He was a part of a pack of 4 dogs in my colony, including his mother.

This is was Jogger was, 3 months back, for other people - An extremely notorious dog, who would climb up the top of cars and scratch them, who would chase anybody on the road without any reason and at times even bite them, let it be a child or an adult, who would follow a young gal (that's me) everywhere and would never show agression to her, but could bite anyone else in her presence too. And other dogs of his pack too learnt these traits from him.

Result - everyone in my colony was fed up of these dogs n wanted M.C.D. to take them away, or they would have themselves picked them up n left them far away somewhere, unknown place, where, I wonder how they would have survived.

One day Jogger bit a child n I got the news in my office. I rushed back and called up Friendicoes and got Jogger picked up at once. When people calmed down, I started thinking of what to do with Jogger, because the people had threatened me that they would kill Jogger if they saw him again. I didn't want to leave him away at some unknown place. Keeping him in a shelter meant confining him to a cage and killing his freedom and again facing a situation when he would have bitten another dog or an attendant and the owners would be asking me to take him back. I was completely baffled. My friends' suggested me to put him to sleep as he wasdangering other dogs' lives too who were in his group, beacuse my colony mates would have picked up all the dogs and left them at a far away place. But every animal lover can understand me when I say it was simply impossible for me to put him to sleep.

Then I came to know about Mr. Rajesh Bhatt. I was told that he is a very good trainer and would board and train Jogger for 2 months. I thought that Jogger would atleast get a place to live for 2 months. And if he would respond well to the training, we would then try and get him adopted. I didn't have any time to think nor did I have anoher option. So, Jogger was sent to Alpha 11 in Gurgaon.

I was not allowed to meet him for 3 weeks. But because of my job, I could meet him after 7 weeks only. That was a big disappointment for me, as Mr.Rajesh told me that Jogger hasn't responded well to the training he went through. He was almost the same, vulnerable, aggressive, unpredictable. For me, all the doors were closed here. I didn't have a single place where I would think of keeping Jogger. Obviously taking him back to Lajpat Nagar meant starting up everthing again. Then Mr.Rajesh suggested me that he would take Jogger to his home, keep him and train him there for a month, by the end of which Jogger would have learnt to live on the street with other dogs, without creating nuisanceand then leave him on the street outside his home. Again, left with no other option, I agreed to it.

Then I called Mr.Rajesh after a week and that was another turning point in Jogger's life. Mr.Rajesh told me that Jogger's behaviour has drastically improved after the day I met him. He told me that as Jogger is attached to me, he'll have to train Jogger through me. The next Sunday it started and its still going on. I visit them once or twice a week, spend 1 hr. on an average with Jogger a day and train him under Mr.Rajesh's guidance and as per his instructions. The result - On the third day of his training, Jogger was walking with me without a leash, least bothered about other dogs around me, or even the ones I was patting. On the fourth day, he was obeying to the command 'sit'. On fifth day, he went outside the farm with us for a walk. On the seventh day, Jogger was out for a walk, without a leash, with 3 more dogs and 2 people who were strange to him. Unbelieveable!!!! Honestly, it was unbelieveable for me and other people who had seen Jogger before.

The training is still going on, because it has no limits. But yes, today, I can proudly say Jogger is a well behaved and obedient dog, apart from being adorable and loving. Mr. Rajesh Bhatt gets the well deserved credit for what Jogger is today.

I would also like to share with you 2 unique things that I noticed in Mr.Rajesh's training. 1- Before meeting Mr.Rajesh, I had always seen dogs running away and hiding somewhere to escape from their trainers. But visit Alpha 11 once and you'll find all the dogs getting so excited and glad to see Mr.Rajesh and longing to be with him. 2- The humane ways of training dogs. I can assure you that he's very very nice to dogs and doesn't use any single method for training that could harm or hurt the dog. I am so sure about this because, as I told you, I'm myself getting training from Mr.Rajesh to train dogs.

Its too late now - 1.25 a.m. and Jogger would be waiting for me tom morning. I need to reach there in time as Mr.Rajesh is very disciplined. So, i'll end this here..



Dippankar S Halder
Do not send your Pet to Alfa 11 - Our Tido died there

In this place there are periodic deaths of dogs. We lost our lovely golden retriever TIDO there. Reason of death is heat stroke and/or tick fever. They have no capability of boarding premium dogs. In a 15x15 room they keep 12-14 dogs after putting in 3 beds which their trainers sleep on. Room has a tiny airconditioner that does not work or is not switched on.
TIDO was boarded there for a 4 months residential training programme suggested by Rajesh Bhatt, the owner of Alfa 11. He survived only 47 days there.
Presence of tick on TIDO's body indicate their grooming standard. Laxmi narayan, the trainer given charge of TIDO has no experience in dog training. He was doing a security job in some hotel 3 months back. Shows you their staff standards

They have neither have resident doctor nor all time transport for emergency.

And this is not the first time. Tamanna lost Ballu, her St Bernard last April and we do not know how many more such cases remain under cover.
And with reference to obdience training he will first attempt to get your dog neutered. He would also get his doctor friend to push you. Do your own research to decide. He may also be adopting to other medical or physical malpractices on innocent pets who can not speak-

Do not get mislead by the blogs or reviews on Alfa 11 and Rajesh Bhatt. A lot of them may be affiliate to Rajesh Bhatt's money making programme on innocent mute animals.

Do not send your pet there. He or she may not come back live.

In case you need any further detail or join the cause to fight Kennel Mafia's like Rajesh Bhatt and Alfa 11 please contact me at : and/or +919810110323

By: Dippankar S Halder | 07 May 2011

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