Raji and Shamalatha: Love overcomes all obstacles

13 Jun 2013 | by | Posted in: Story from Pet Lover

“Raji is a real fighter” these words resonate among everyone who reads this story. This brave heart has overcome distemper a disease which can be brutal in most of the cases. She stills limps as an aftermath of the disease but ensures that she makes everyone happy with her unending warmth and love. She jumps, runs and plays with her dysfunctional hind leg.

It was a fateful evening in September 2010 when Shamalatha and her husband were returning from work. It was raining heavily when they stopped their car to see a three month old puppy in a very sad state. Shamalatha could not bear to see her condition and provided her some food. “luckily for us we always carry food with us to feed to strays, “ says Shamalatha.

She greedily ate all the food that was given to her. When Shamalatha inquired around she came to know that she lived with a watchman family nearby. She had a healthy diet but her hind legs were affected by distemper.




Shamalatha's Pet Adoption StoryThey started giving food and medicines on regular basis to Raji. She says, “for three to four months we gave her regular dosages of Neurobion, Zinvit and Calcium tablets along with her meals twice a day.”

She made a remarkable recovery; she was able to stand on her own but still had trouble in walking and running around. Once she reached puberty Shamalatha ensured that she was sterilized. Then one day fate turned once again and the watchman family had to move base. Raji was left alone. Shamalatha advertised for adoption but without any takers she decided to keep her with her. “I was already emotionally attached to her. So we decided why not give this brave heart a home in our home.” says Shamalatha.

Her hind leg is still a handicap for her but she is a bundle of energy. She is a fantastic watchdog. Shamalatha says that when she is around no one dares comes in her house but she is benevolent with children and loves to meet acquaintances.

Shamalatha believes that people should not give impetus to the breeding industry by buying pets. She says, “it is like hell for all pedigree cats and dogs.” There have been numerous reports indicating that there is inbreeding of pedigree breeds and that may lead to a lot of congenital diseases in the pups. Why should we then provide encouragement to this and let a pup or dog suffer all his or her life for our selfish gains or requirements. If you are adopting a dog you are not only welcoming him into your homes but are saving lives.

She says that it is a myth that you can only train a pup as per your requirement, an adult dog can also easily adapt to his or her surroundings. “The only thing that you need with an adult dog is a little patience and abundance of care. It is not the behaviour of the dog. It is how you treat him that will train him. Treat your pets with the same respect and love as you want them to give back to you,” says Shamalatha.

So, what is her message to prospective adoptive parents. She says that ensure that all your dogs are vaccinated and provide them immunization on regular basis. “Get them natured, never ever abandon them to a shelter if they are sick or old. There are like your kids. If you cannot take their responsibility do not keep them. If your pet is happy then he or she will make you happy.” says Shamalatha.

She believes that local municipality can play a big role to encourage people to adopt pets. They can organize free sterilization camps. We have to bring to the notice of the people of all cruel atrocities that are met towards dogs in the breeding industry. The electronic and print media can play a massive role in promoting the adoption of all pets.

She says that pets are their lives. “We cannot imagine our lives without our dogs and cats. The bond that we share with our pets is beyond words. Our life is empty without them,” says Shamalatha.

We can all take a leaf out of Raji’s life. Sheer determination and love can help you overcome almost any problem.

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