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Ready For A Dog

09 May 2013 | by | Posted in: Wag Wiki

There is a famous quote by Josh Billings, “A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.” This impeccable and unconditional love of a dog for a man is much more than simple words!

cute dogA dog’s utmost loyalty and adoration for his master is exemplary. In good and bad times, your pooch will never let you down. A dog may not be able to speak, but can express himself in several ways. His wagging tail, soft meaningful eyes and loving licks, articulates more than a human tongue. A dog will always want to please and keep his master happy. He will forgive you for all your faults and will never hold any grudges against you. He will love to curl up and sleep next to you or at your feet, and would constantly want to be around you. A dog will do his best to protect his master from all dangers. Such is the love of a dog, and if you are ready to bring this devoted companion into your abode, I heartily congratulate you as you have made the most thoughtful decision of your life!

However, a pooch comes along with several responsibilities, for which you need to be prepared well in advance. Your dog will depend on you for almost everything – shelter, food, water, healthcare, exercise, grooming, training, playing, friendship, veterinary visits, love and the most important of all, forgiveness. Can you provide him with all this? Are you ready to incur the additional expenses required for your pooch? If yes, then you also need to be prepared to spend the next 10 to 15 years of your life caring for your pooch. This is the only life span he has and you need to do all it takes in your stride, to give him your best. He deserves every bit of you love and affection, just the way he loves you. A dog is a commitment for life!

Your pooch is going to be a part of your family, wherein all your family members will have to accept and love him as you would. However, each family has its own needs and schedules with time limitations. Hence, you need to bring a pooch that fits the lifestyle of your family, enabling you and your dog to live in harmony. Before you bring a dog home, you need to do some homework on canine behavior and how your pooch needs to be treated, in order to be kept happy and balanced. The temperament of your dog will depend on how well you understand him and provide him with all the needs as a canine animal. Here is a list of few things you must consider carefully, when you decide to bring in that little bundle of joy home.

If you are bringing in an indoor dog, you will require a crate or you will need to allocate a designated area for him, wherein he can even spend his time while you are away. You will have to provide him with a bedding or a mat, to make him feel comfortable and cozy.

If it is going to be an outdoor dog, your yard and garden area should have a fence. You need to protect your garden, and protect your dog from toxic plants. You can also arrange for a kennel. Your pooch requires a sheltered place so that he can stay away from the heat during summers, cold in the winters and during the rains too. You will have to train him not to indulge in nuisance barking.

Food & Water:
cute dogYou will have to provide your dog with premium branded dog food as it has all the vital nutrients necessary for your pooch. In addition to giving him timely food, you will have to offer him healthy treats such as chews and dog biscuits. You may need to follow a special diet if you have a puppy. You will have to take care of his weight management, as obesity can lead to other problems in the future. You will also have to train him not to beg for food from the table and from other people. Clean drinking water should be in his bowl 24x7. It is best to keep two different bowls for your pooch, one for food and the other for drinking water.

All dogs need to be taken for a daily walk every day. If you and your family are not very active, do not choose a pooch with a higher energy level. The degree of exercise varies amongst dogs. Some dogs need vigorous exercise and you will need to take him out for a run or long walk every single day, while others can get their exercise with a short walk or by running inside the house. Some dogs need to be engaged in some activity or else they become restless, bored and destructive. On the other hand, some are just happy going for a short walk. Whenever you take your dog for a walk, you will need to make him wear a dog collar with a leash, so that he is under your protection and cannot get lost.

Training: ( How to Train a Dog )
House training your pooch is the most important cycle of training. A crate can be very useful. You need to take him outdoors to eliminate after every meal. You need to have lot of patience during housetraining.

You need to teach dog all the basic commands such as sit, stay, rest, down and come. You can enroll him in a behavior training class or hire a competent trainer to come home. You need to control his behavior at home, with people, at the vet, and wherever he goes. 

Your pooch will require regular visits to the veterinary doctor for vaccinations, checkups and dental care. You need to administer his medications such as calcium, vitamin and other supplements as advised by your vet, on a daily basis. You should be prepared to look after your dog during any kind of illness. Some dogs can develop serious health issues as they grow, for which you should be geared to provide additional care. You need to keep his health record up-to-date and take him for vaccinations on time.

Grooming & Bathing:
You can either groom your pooch at home or take him to a professional groomer to get him totally pampered. At home, you will need grooming equipments such as brush, tick comb and nail clippers. If your dog has lots of fur, you will require to brush or comb him daily to avoid formation of knots. You will also need to bathe him twice a month with a dog shampoo. There are many kinds of shampoos available such as aloe vera, shampoo for treatment of ticks and fleas, and anti dandruff shampoo. You will also need a good conditioner and deodorant for your pooch. He also wants to smell good, just as you!

Your dog is a little bundle of joy and he wants to spread that delight around by playing most of the time! You can provide him with rubber toys, safe stuffed toys, balls, bones and chews. You will need to take out some time from your busy schedule and play with him too. You can take him to the park and both of you can play with a Frisbee or a ball. This will strengthen your bond with him.


friend dogYour pooch needs your companionship all the time. Your love and attention is essential, along with a safe place to stay while you are away. If your dog suffers from separation anxiety, you will need to get him trained for the same. If you are going out of town for a couple of days, you will need to look for a reliable pet sitter, a good boarding kennel, or a reputed pet resort for your pooch.

Don’t expect your dog to apologize for having housetraining accidents, for barking, for chewing your shoes or not obeying you. You have to forgive all his mistakes as he forgives you!

I would like to share my personal thoughts about these cute Furry Friends, with all the Readers of Dogspot.in:

“They have no Voice, yet they Speak with their Eyes,

They have no Words, yet they can Express in a Thousand Ways;

They have no Man Power, yet they are a Source of Strength to Humans,

They have no Hope for Tomorrow, as they only Live for the Day;

They are not able to Convey their Pain, yet always there to Share our Gain,

They have never read or seen Love Stories, yet they Love us more than Themselves;

They don’t party with Friends, yet they remain our True Companion,

They don’t operate any business or work in an office, yet they are known to be Faithful;

Treat them with Royalty, and they are always there to Bestow the priceless gift on you called, ‘Loyalty’.”

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