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Do you really care?

25 Jul 2011 | by | Posted in: Wag Wiki

Couple of days back I got a call from a lady who I had met at Sanjay Gandhi Animal Health Care Centre. She is a social worker and is a great dog lover. She has been taking care of stray dogs around her locality, someone who has scarificed a lot for these dogs irrespective of the fact that she doesn't have enough money or steady income flowing into her account.

I got goose bumps the moment when she took me to her house which had just 2 rooms, which had her husband, 2 sons and 7 stray dogs. They have 1 mongrel which is about 5 years and they picked up the other 6 from the street (they are about 6-9 months). Since all of them don't fit in the same place so few of them sleep in the Lane .

I was really taken aback when she told me that the people around her locality tried throwing stones at the dogs and there were times when the stone had hit her. Irrespective of that she hasn't given up.

What concerns her now is that nothing should happen to the dogs. People around her locality are showing zero tolerance towards these dogs because they think that its a nuisance. She really wants me to help her move these dogs to a safer place/home. I got surprised when I got to know that these NGO's asked for 30 thousand each for these dogs. So, I appeal to who so ever reading this please let me know of a place where I can shift them to ensure their safety. This is the least that we all can do to help these dogs.

Please Help!


How old are you in this field of Animal Welfare I would advise you to not fall prey to every person you come across.
Why would neighbours throw stones at her house unless those dogs really were a nusance. These kind of people are actualy turning people against animals , why did she let 7 stray dogs inside her house in the first place. I have know a few such people, they take in an injured dog treat him but don't eave him back on the road and one day their house becomes full of dogs. They need to understand that the natural home of a stray is on the road .Stray dogs are meant to live on the roads just as birds and pigeons are meant to stay on trees , you can give home to 2-3 stray dogs not 7 .
Now for the shelters ... they are already crowded places and they are meant to treat sick and injured animals and not stock healthy dogs because people first keep a dog and later want to abandon him . Its not even fair to ask a shelter to take in a perfectly healthy dog. Some of the sturdy dogs should be given up to farm houses and pretier ones can be tried to be adopted. Sorry there is no place in Delhi where these dogs can be shifted .

By: mridu | 27 Jul 2011

Thanks for your reply Mridu, first of all animal welfare is a passion for me, and i dun need to have years of experience to continue doing what i am actually doing..I appreciate your opinion but i have seen people who are extremely violent towards stray dogs..Coming to teh issue here the place where she lives is area which comprises a small tightly knit cluster of houses on either side of a narrow lane, so you can imagine the condition where these dogs would mate and have puppies what would one do in such a situation? The MCD doesn't even bother to visit these places...what are we supposed to do with these pups? i agree when you say that stray dogs are meant to live on the road, but what about these dogs who have grown up in these narrow lanes? Just because she took the onus on her to feed these dogs and take care of them..protect them from people who can't stand dogs. Trust me nobody would really take the pain of taking care of 7 stray dogs untill and unless you are extremely compassionate towards dogs..And her major concern is the safety of these dogs, She called me up to help them and for your information she has also sought the help of police to protect these dogs and she has been now assured by few of the animal activists that nothing will happen to these dogs beacause the law doesn't allow any cruelty against animals in any manner whatsover. and coming to Shelter home for dogs, I agree that they are meant for dogs who are sick and need medical help, but there are few shelter homes from where i got a positive response, wherein they only asked me to get them vaccinated and rest will be taken care by them..and you also need to pay a certain amount on a monthly basis so that they meet their daily requirements..

For me its all about helping these animals find a better surrounding and there's no two ways about it and also that i don't wish to get into moral policing when it comes to helping them.

By: Joylashmi | 27 Jul 2011

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