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How to rehablitate dogs.

23 Jan 2012 | by | Posted in: Training

As you all know that dog is a faithful animal and they are loyal to us.  Dog training is not difficult as pupil think, to train a dog positive energy is very important they are capable to get or you can say they can smell negative and positive energy.  To be a good pet leader you must keep positive energy in you.  Dogs live in present and they don't care about past, they live in present and to rehablitate your dog you should take him to go for a walk atleast 45 minutes daily and spend time with your dog.

Source: wikihow.com

Each and every dog is good, but sometimes we make them dominent because we forget small things, suppose a kid is doing wrong thing then the mother or father stop him to do wrong things just like that when our dog is doing something wrong we have to stop him and always remember always use same word, like suppose your dog is doing good thing so you can say good boy or good girl, and for wrong thing no boy or dont do it again.

When you bring a pup to your home first do one thing grasp his nature his likes and dislikes and treat him not as a dog treat him as a member spend time with him so he can understand you and you can understand him.


Daily exercise and walking is must if you are not taking them outside for a walk the energy of the dog will not come out so they become aggressive so spend time with your dogs.


For today this is enough.


Please send me feedback i am also a dog lover and to train and to rehab the dog is my passion.




lila iyer
My cocker spaniel of 12 months uses barking to convey his needs to me. Also, he has severe sseparation anxiety--he refuses to stay by himself at home and this is a strain on my energy and restricts my movements. Any help? Thank you

By: lila iyer | 26 Jan 2012

Yes,I know that birds-fly,fish-swim and dogs-travell.....

By: Heramba | 27 Jan 2012

Harshal Kavdikar
I fully agree with you and with dogs positive energy it gives us immense teaching. I have a beagle 10 months old and came to me when he was 6 weeks old. He has already made me be firm and loving at the same time.

By: Harshal Kavdikar | 13 Feb 2012

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