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14 Oct 2009 | by | Posted in: Q&A

Dear fellow Dog-Lovers.

I am looking for recommendations on professional, experienced and reliable labrador  breeders in the greater Delhi region.

Furthermore, recommendations on vets or pet clinics in Gurgaon, if possible at all in Western standard (if that exist?).

The reason I ask for the above, and especally the way I ask for it (no offence), is because we have lost or beloved Lab 5 weeks ago due to incompetent vets, their 'kennel(s)' and their negligence of our child.

We moved to India only in March this year from Europe, and Arthur joined us only after we have found a (dog) suitable home and after we had settled in to be able to provide all the care he needed after this drastic change of his life.

In Alpha11 we have also found the perfect kennel to provide him with his weekly socializing with other dogs and especialy a spot where he found his favourate element - water! And Rajesh and his team really took good care of him, even fed him only packaged water for he was not used to any other.

He was supposed to stay there for one week in August for boarding but it came different. Due to a playing accident, he was brought to a pet clinc in Delhi instead (while staying with friends). The actual problem was taken care of OK I guess, but when my wife picked him up after her return from Europe, and him being there 6 days, ticks were all over him (50+) and he looked so miserable and dehydrated (no wonder they have one of the few pet cementaries attached).

He then had fever, hardly ate and moved. The first two vets just gave antibiotics which did not help at all or even improved his condition. No blood test, nothing. Only the third one diagnosed him immediately with Babesiosis (tick fever). The one medicine his former vet in Europe strongly recommended was not available in India so he was treated with whatever was available.

It was too late though and he died with only 4.5 years of age.

You may now understand why I am somehow worried to get a new Lab, on the other hand he left such an empty space in our life that I am thinking about giving a new Lab a home.

But I need to be ensured that the breeder knows his job as well as a vet in the event we are in urgent need to have one.

I hope for some encouraging feedback!


Anil @ DoggiesDude
unfortunately here many vets are working on hit n trial method instead of proper diagnosis. there might be some good vets and i am sure Puneet will be able to help you out as he too had initially suffered a lot. He can also guide you for a good breeder in your area/city

By: Anil @ DoggiesDude | 18 Oct 2009

Saugat Sanyal
Ben, there is a great vet named Ajay sood, based out of preet vihar in east delhi. He has a practice of more than 25 years. He has magic in his hand and connects with the pets and their parents very well. He also remebers details of all his pets by heart. You can get in touch with him @ 9810755225

By: Saugat Sanyal | 19 Oct 2009

Dear Puneet,

Thanks again. We have not yet gotten a new pup. I was searching for a year for a recommended breeder back in Europe before we picked one and I am going to be as serious here.
When we brounght Arthur over I have unfortunately missed the part of a vet when "investiagting" the situation here. Hence, this time first things first and we (I actually) just started to get familiar with the idea of another one.

I will certainly follow your advice and publish any possible breeder here before any final decision.

Anyway, reading on this blog makes me thinking about a new dog in the first place and I am glad about the support.



By: Arthur2005 | 21 Oct 2009

Priya Shergill
Dear Ben,

I have bought a gorgeous black Lab pup for my son last year from a very very reputable breeder called Mr. Mukand Joshi of Joshberg Kennels who is in Aurangabad. He breeds both Black and Yellow Labs. He will send the Pup by Air and will send you the photos on email before you decide on the Pup you want. He breeds both Show dogs and Pet quality Dogs. If this is OK with you please let me know and I can give you his particulars as well as speak to him for you.

As far as Dr. Bhavna Kalra is concerned, yes I would recommend her too. I am available on email as well as Mobile phone. if you should wish to contact me.

Bye for now,


By: Priya Shergill | 28 Oct 2009

hi ben,

did you manage to get a good quality/ pure breed of lab? where did you get it from.. would Dr kalra be able to suggest any good breeders in gurgaon....

By: ashusood | 11 Dec 2011

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