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Today world over there is a gripping fervor of red roses, chocolates and the cutest and the fluffiest stuff toys that is available. It is said that cupid shoots the love arrow to make people come closer to each other or help them fall in love. We all have that special someone in our lives; there is one point worth pondering though does the arrow always has to be directed towards a human being. Valentine is for someone you love and there is no one who can love you more than your pet.

Pravin Dog Training Group

There will be many of us for whom pets are our lives they are an extension of us, their love and loyalty can move even the toughest of hearts at times. Today, we trace the journey of one of such person for whom the first love is their pet. We trace the journey of Pravin Kora, a certified canine trainer right from his childhood.   Read Article On  - Training Tips For New Puppies

Pravin’s love for pets started early when he was school going boy. He has faint memories of coming back home every day from school and going to his neighbor’s house to meet Ron and Bon, two handsome Doberman Pinschers, this was the beginning of his lifelong love affair. He would go there with biscuits and pet them. Today Pravin is the proud pet parent to Polo, an eight year old Labrador Retriever and Pixie, a four year old German Shepherd. The tradition of giving biscuits has remained since then and the reward would be gratifying each time he gives them biscuits. He has always been greeted with kisses and wagging tails whenever he has given them biscuits. Read Article On - How to Train a Dog

Pravin and his dog

Now we know how Pravin’s love with is the dog start but what prompted him to be a trainer is still a mystery. Though, as it is said that every man has his or her tryst with destiny. Pravin’s calling was always to be a trainer and he says that as far as his remember, now when he thinks about it he remembers that even with Ron and Bon he loved to talked to them in fact he would regularly ask them if they had missed him and they will fondly lick on the nose as an answer to that. He fondly called it the Ron and Bon kiss. In fact he would do that in front of the other kids in the neighborhood and be applauded for his little training. This was just the beginning.

Later when Pravin had his own pets, the need of training occurred again with Polo. Polo is a fun loving dog that is full of abundant energy. The problem occurred when he wanted to take him for long walks with him. He would pull with all his might and Pravin would be dragging himself behind Polo most of the times. He hired a professional trainer to correct the behavior but to his misery Polo did not learn how to walk. The only thing that he learned was to shake hands. Ironically Polo started being scared of this trainer. He hired another one and decided that he would be an integral part of the training this time and to his surprise this trainer stopped coming to his home after a few days. It was time then he decided that he would train Polo himself. He got some books and watched some You Tube videos to train himself to further train Polo to walk Read Article On - Tips for Training Adult Dogs

The training took time but there was an improvement in the way Polo walked within the first three weeks. He use to take his dog for a walk for at least 30 to 45 minutes on an everyday basis and it was during this time that he started communicating with other dog owners as well and would share tips with them on regular basis to help them bond with their dog better.

Once he attained success with Polo, his friends and wife advised him to take this up professionally as he loved dogs and enjoyed training them, thus began a journey, which has only brought Pravin closer to the canines but has given him patience as well. There was no stopping him once he had his heart set on the dog training course; he enrolled for the best possible course that was around. He joined a course offered by Shrin Merchant, a qualified practicing canine behavior counselor in the country.

pravin and cane

Her success can be garnered from the fact that she has been working for the past sixteen years and till date have been able to help people train with the dogs across various countries such as England, India and Sri Lanka. She has over six thousand trained dogs in her repertoire. After such an impressive portfolio there was no stopping for Pravin, he took leave from his work, scheduled the classes and went on his way to be a certified counselor.

Today he is a certified trainer and the first thing he has done is to communicate with all the pet parents on a regular basis. He analyzes their need and provides training to pets accordingly. He believes that it is extremely important to communicate with the parents on a regular basis. In fact there are times that he even allows the kids to be a part of the training process because if there are kids at home then there are maximum chances that the dog bonding with them before any one else.

 On this valentine day he wants to thank each of the pets that have come into his life and all the pet parents for their undaunted support.

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