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A Reunion after 15 Years

27 Dec 2013 | by | Posted in: Wag Brag

December is that time of the year, when everything comes rushing back to us. The good and the bad, it is that nostalgic time of the year when we want to thank god for all the good that happened to us and pray for things to better if required. So, this makes it the best time of the year to thank those who make our life special and what better way to do that than thanking those precious eyes and that wagging tail that welcomes you everyday when you get home. This month it is all about thanking your dog for all the love and the warmth that he bring to us.Reeve Luiz Dog Lover

Today it is a Reeve Luiz, a media and advertising professional, whose everyday work is always a high stress situation almost like a battlefield. So, we asked what makes him wade through the day and he says that it is coming back home to Woofie. The welcome that he gets when he comes home just makes up for all the bad things that happen in a day. Woofie is a eight month old Labrador who just absolutely loves a drive in the car with Reeve.

This is Reeve’s second dog, after a gap of 15 years. His parents were averse to the idea of having a dog in the flat. Though, it seems that he has not missed much. His first dog was also named Woofie, so it is like there was never a gap. It is like the same legacy is continuing.

Reeve met his first pooch at a home and not a shop. He says that it was clear that he did not want a dog from a breeder. He wanted a pup from a loving family that had pups naturally. Itwas after some wait that Reeve found the perfect home. When Reeve went to the home from where he was supposed to get a pup.He was greeted by nine adorable Labrador puppies that attacked him with their licks and nibbles. Ironically, Woofie was one of the quiet ones, who took his own time to warm up to Reeve. Once he was acquainted with Reeve he even slept on his lap and that almost made it certain that this pooch was the perfect choice for a pet for Reeve.

reeve on bedEveryone has an aww moment with their pet so what is with Reeve that makes him go aww over Woofie. He says that one of the best habits that Woofie has is to climb into the bed every night when he is sleeping. When it is time for him to go for a walk, he wakes Reeve with licking on his face and nibbling on the ears. Once he is back from his walk it is blanket time all over again.

The everyday moment does not end here for Reeve. Whenever, he is reversing his car out of the driveway to go for his work, Woofie has to be there on the passenger seat and he will not go inside till the time he is not given a biscuit. This adorable bundle of joy then diligently carries his tiffin box to the kitchen when he comes back home and expects a treat for the good work.

Reeve just has one thing to say to Woofie that he is the world’s best dog something which he tells him now and again. Reeve feels that every day is better with Woofie around. The world is a better and happier place with Woofie in it and there is no one who can take his place ever.

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