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Rex is brand under the umbrella of VIOBIN USA, the market leaders when it comes to producing nutritional extracts and defatted wheat germ. The brand was founded by Mr. Ezra Levin in 1936. It was the sheer zeal of this man that helped him to develop quality products in the field of drugs, health food products and  dog nutritional supplements.
Ezra Levin was a visionary and he developed a cholesterol free defatted egg powder before the humdrum for cholesterol had even started around the world. In 1950 he pioneered methods to produce fish protein concentrate. As of now they are the market leaders in manufacturing of Wheat Germ Oil and Defatted Wheat Germ in United States.
The REX wheat germ oil is fortified with all natural nutrients such as vitamin E and essential fatty acids. This will help to maintain the softness and luster of your pet and along with maintaining the overall health of all your dogs and cats. There are numerous veterinarians and professional animal organizations that have been recommending this oil to ensure proper nutrition and especially during the breeding process.
VIOBIN USA produces 100% pure wheat germ oil that does not contain any preservatives. The oil is extracted through a unique process that preserves all the essential vitamins and nutrients that are found in nature.
VIOBIN USA came into existence in 1996; prior to this it was called the McShares Incorporated. Wheatgerm is a small part within a grain of wheat, which is also called wheat kernel and berry. It refers to the germination part of the wheat.
This is one of the most talked about supplements in the health world today. There are no side effects as it does not contain any vitamins and minerals that affect the working of the inner body.
There are various products available with VIOBIN USA. It includes WheatGerm Oil; this is a rich vegetable oil that provides an efficient supplement along with the everyday diet for all vitamin deficient foods. The oil contains the necessary staple that is required by both humans and animals. The Rex wheatgerm oil is widely available with various nutrition stores across various countries.
The Wheat germ oil for your pet is made with wheat germ grown in North America through regular cold process. This helps in the extraction of all the natural nutrients, flavor and aroma. In addition to this the oil contains Vitamin E and the required nutrients, which includes Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids such as phosphatides, phytosterols, and octacosanol.
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