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Sandy Perch

Sandy Perch

Sandy Perch is a brand, which is well known among bird owners. Your furry friends are kept captive in a cage and need perches in it to just play or swing in. Along with these most of the times these captive birds need all kinds of mental stimulation that will not only keep them busy but will ensure that they are kept in the best of health.

Sandy Perch is an American company that produces just the right products for all your birds. They produce perches and hanging toys for your birds that are completely safe and are 100% non-toxic. Thus, it ensures that your furry friends enjoy playing with them while ensuring their physical and mental health.

A bird’s feet have been shaped to climb trees and hence Sandy Perch designs and manufactures perches keeping that in mind. The perches are shaped like natural tree branch that helps to maintain the physical health of your bird’s limb and looks nice in a cage. Most of the perches from Sandy Perch come with a Manzanita core that is mostly covered with bright colored sand that is bonded with the perch at all times.

The unique feature of Sandy Perch is that it does not crack or chip, in fact even if it is dropped accidentally by your pet it will not break. The perches not only enhance the look of your cage but are a required addition for all your birds.

The unique aspect of the Sandy Perch products is that unlike other perches it is not made of concrete and motor. The sand coating in these perches is non –porous and does not stain or discolour in any which way. Cleaning is also easy for these perches you can use a soft cloth or brush over the perch.  The perch can be cleaned with soap and hot water effectively, just take it out of the cage, clean it and return it to cage.

Sandy Perches manufactures perches for different size of birds such as small perches are specially designed for Cockatiels, Senegals and other small size birds. The medium size perches are especially developed for your African Greys, Amazons and other similar size birds.  Large size birds such as Blue and Gold Macaws, Umbrella Cockatoos and other birds need a large size perch.

It does not end here there is a jumbo size of Sandy Perch as well that has been especially designed for birds such as Hycainth Macaws, Greenwing Macaws, Moluccan and Cockatoos.

In addition to perches they brand also produces handing toys for your birds that help to stimulate the brain of the captive birds. They can peck on the dangling toys or try to open the knots and even play with it as per their requirement.

Sandy Perches also produce speciality decorative items, which are made of islandwood and are durable. Along with this they a wide range of dogs and cats carrier bags as well making it easy for you to carry your pet with on your vacations and outings.


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