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Say no to that itchy scratchy skin

15 Apr 2014 | by | Posted in: Wellness

Summers brings with it the sweltering heat, the never ending sweaty and itchy skin that makes it uncomfortable to go out. Air-conditioning is our constant companion to help us wade through the summer months.  Our pets are no different; in fact for them the summer months can be more exhausting.
Imagine wearing a coat all through summer and be unable to sweat, to top it all the constant presence of ticks and fleas further add to the problem. After all who likes a scratchy skin, we get irritated with a mosquito bite imagine what your dog goes through when there are ticks and fleas get attached to its skin perpetually and bit him.
Our idea is not to make you guilty but to help you understand the ordeal your little pooch especially during these summer months. Ticks and fleas are not only an irritant but can even lead to various diseases if not treated on time. The trouble is more for pets with double coats, in such cases the ticks and fleas can hide well.
beagle dog
Ticks and fleas latch onto the pet’s body and get attached to it, slowly sucking in blood from your pet. The trouble with these little pests is that at times they can even release toxins into your pet’s bloodstream other than giving him or her constant itching. There are times when he or she can scratch himself so hard that it can leave the skin bruised.  Read Article on -  Remove that summer itch with love
Thus, it is absolutely necessary for you to ensure that your pet does not have any ticks and fleas. Unlike puppies where the usage of chemicals is restricted, you adult dogs will be well equipped to handle various kinds of products on his or her skin without any trouble.
I have three dogs at home and this is particularly a difficult time of the year for them. Thus, we always have an arsenal of anti-ticks and fleas products in our home. In this following write up I will tell you about some of the tried and tested formulas that I have personally tried on my three musketeers and have yielded good results.
One of easiest way that your veterinarian will suggest to get rid of ticks and fleas is to get your pet a shot. This not only helps to get rid of the present ticks and fleas but will prevent further infestation as well. You might think that is an easy way that does not need much work but here is the catch this has to be repeated in most cases every month. Now it is an ordeal for those pet owners who have a horrid time taking their pet to the veterinarian clinic. If you are one of those then you can pick from the below suggestions.
There is a range of anti-tick and flea collar available in the market. Yes, as the name suggests this will help your pet to be tick and flea free for almost seven months. At least that is what the Bayer says for its one of its kind Bayer Killtix Collar, this is easy to use and prevents further infestation as well. This is like a lasso ring that can be easily attached to the pet’s neck and adjusted as per requirement. It is available in different sizes to help you choose the perfect size for your pet.
If you are looking for economical and easier application products, then you can choose from a plethora of options available in the market. You can choose from a variety of powders, spray-on and shampoos available in the market that has been specially formulated to eliminate ticks and fleas from your pet’s body and also prevent further infestation. 
These products are easy to use. You can easily spread the powder over your pet and just need to brush it well, preferably with a flea comb; this will ensure that powder reaches the skin of the pet and effectively eliminates ticks and fleas. The spray on is also used in the same manner, just spray it on the pet and rub it all over the skin to ensure that it does not get further ticks and fleas.
Ticks and Fleas can be prevented even when you are taking your pet for a bath, this is an easy option and is not even time consuming. You can use any of the specialized ticks and fleas shampoo, you can either mix it with your regular shampoo or can be used as it is. The usage depends on the infestation in your pet. After the shampoo just dry your pet and brush through a flea comb to take out all tics and fleas from his or her body.
There are a few other solutions such as Rid All that can be used as a final rinse after you shampoo your pet and will assist to keep the ticks and fleas at bay. This helps to remove the present ticks and fleas and also gives relief to your pet from the constant itching that can not only irritates the skin but if not treated can also lead to bruises on the skin.
The summers and monsoons will be a tough time for your pet as the weather conditions are conducive for the fleas and ticks to thrive and multiply so it is absolutely essential to take care of your pet during this season.
There are some spot on treatments also available in the market that helps to prevent the infestation of these troublesome pests from your pet’s life. The spot on is easy to use and comes mostly in concentrated pipette form, you can choose from a variety of brands. You have to use the spot on in some most easily infested places i.e. the common areas where you can find ticks and fleas. Like behind the neck, under the shoulder blades and on the tip of the tail from where it starts. These are some of the commonly infested places in your pet.
As the heat rises it is going to become all the more uncomfortable for your pets but these few products will help you combat the most prevalent irritant in your pet. 

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