How to select a guard dog for your family

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How to select a guard dog for your family

There are many people in India, who hire security agencies for there safety but they forget that even their guards can be bribed, however, if you adopt a good trained guard dog he will save you and your family at any cost despite the fact in the process he might get himself killed.

There is a common belief that if one has a guard dog he will guard the owners at all times and in any circumstance. This is a wrong perception.  Not every guard dog breed can save you (without effective training).

There are so many instances, where, people were killed by their own servants, with their guard dog present, at the time of the crime.

A guard dog needs to be trained meticulously, so he can assess the situation and at times wait for the owners instruction/sign as to when to attack and save the owner... you cannot enforce these quality into a dog without having got to train them.

There are some points you should consider before getting a guard dog:

1) First, don’t go by the looks/appearance ask yourself can you handle that breed, will it do well with your family/children. Their size, because size does matter. The more bulky dog means more difficult to pick it up when it needs you or when you are away so other member can manage it in case of any emergency.

2) Read about them. Their behavior/health/size/guarding skills and the most important point is there learning ability, meaning can that breed be easily trained.

3) Shedding/saliva…you must check these issues also.

4) Check how old is the pup. They must be at least 10-12 weeks old, before that its not wise to get a very small pup, you might face health issue with the dog later. I have seen so many top breeders in India that wants to get rid of the pups when they are 20-45 days old.Never buy a pup of that age. A pup who stays with his mother long would most likely to be more healthy/stable/strong.

5) Always check the parents physically and pups yourself and analyze their behavior.

6) Always go for KCI  registered pup.

7) Check out the breeder and condition of the kennel. Don’t go by the pics you see on their web site.

8) And last not the least is this breed is controllable? Some dogs can show dominance/food aggression/behavior problems on maturity when not properly expose to good training. This could become a major liability for you. The breeder will sell you the pup and wash his hands. Pls read all you can about the breed you are getting.

Pls buy a guard dog not a ferocious animal your negligence can harm you or your family. Many have been severely bitten by such aggressive dogs.

I hope that, I have not hurt anyone’s emotions with this article.
Thanks a lot for reading.

Dhasmana (copyright 2011,dhasmana)



sandip halder
very good article. help me a lot. Do you know any guard dog trainer in Kolkata?

By: sandip halder | 12 Aug 2011

Thanks for your article.

By: jack | 19 Aug 2011

thanx Sandip..You have to contact your local dog-trainer for any information about a guard training centre if there is one,though i have my doubts..and if you want to get it done by us we can surely train your dog, in that case you have to send your dog to us.

By: dhasmana | 25 Aug 2011

So TRUE.....
Whatever u said i completely agree because i made the same mistake by trusting the kennel people.
On 4th August i bought a St. Bernard pup who was 45 days old,actually i was in rush to leave delhi asap so the kennel guy came up wid only 1 pup...n den he said that paper work wil be done in one and a half month later u take d pup n il send d documentation by courier,and i agreed .
After bringin him home, for 3 days he was fine.I went to d Vet. doc for his normal shots,d doc asked me d daily routine details n i told him accurately.
Then he examined d pup,he had fever he put d vaccine for dat and den he said dat u better get his blood test done,so again i agreed bt d result wat i came thru was horrible.He was suffering from.....
1. Blood Infection
2. Anemic
3.His fever was comin bck in every alternative day.
4.He was not eating food so i had to force feed him.

Then,that useless doc told me to cum everday n i was doin it on a regular basis bt actually that doc ws extortin money frm me.Basically he was just nt bothered abt ma pup.

And on one final day....he started gettin Seizures ....i ws shocked because it has been 9 days dat doc ws daily puttin 4 vaccine a day on ma poor lil pup.
Then i changed ma doc n touch wood nw ma pup is fine even he got his 1st shot of his vaccine. I am so thankful to Dr. Bali(Dehra Dun) for savin ma pup lyf.

So,before u go for a pup investigate properly and den only go for it.Otherwise its really painful to see a poor creature in pain who can not explain wat is he goin thru.


Dehra Dun

By: NEHA | 11 Sep 2011

@NEHA... thanks neha..i have been to dehradoon and visited Dr bali at GSM road, he is one of the best high Qualified Doctor..anyway do take care of your of luck for the future :)

By: dhasmana | 18 Sep 2011

@dhasmana...Thnkxs a ton..n really Dr. Bali is d BEST VET in doon...

By: NEHA | 18 Sep 2011

I have supplied rotts to some 20 households and they are happy with them so for me rott is the ultimate when it comes to guarding....

~ ang-rottweiler_3/~

By: sandy | 03 Nov 2011

ashish gujrati
I would recommend Indian mastiff.They are agile, fear nothing, can withstand any amount of pain, will guard till their last drop of blood, will eat anything and everything offered to them(no eating tantrums),very rough and tough breed can withstand extreme temperatures and wont fall ill due to change in climate(esp for people in tropical climate)

By: ashish gujrati | 15 Nov 2011

sandip halder
what is indian mastiff?

By: sandip halder | 15 Nov 2011

sandip halder
what is indian mastiff?

By: sandip halder | 15 Nov 2011

Indian mastiff is an indegineous breed of India. It looks somewhat like a BullMastiff and is very very usefull Gaurd Dog for Indian families

By: Rajat | 13 Feb 2012

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