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21 Mar 2011 | by | Posted in: Training

Almost everybody wants their dog to be train. The common questions are:

  • How to find a good trainer?
  • Is my dog trainer is good?
  • What I can do in training session?

I will try my best to give you all a fair Idea about these questions.

A good trainer will always give you all the answer about dog and dog behavior. He/she will ask you to participate in the training activity. He/she will tell you about your dog temperament and will explain which tool he/she going to use. The tool could be as simple as treat and as complex as prong, harness or muzzle etc. Always remember these tools are very much dog dependent, you can’t give a prong correction to a mild/soft dog.  And you can’t give a treat training to dominant dog and challenging dog.  Your trainer will always tell you to practice dog command in your day to day life like you command you dog to stay while you are doing some kitchen work or opening a door.Participate in training and be consistant.


So before hiring a trainer a trainer you must ask following things:

  • His experience
  • His training method
  • His opinion about your dog
  • His training schedule
  • Your participation in training
  • Level of training

You hire a good teacher for your kid; the same thing is with a dog trainer. It is your responsibility to hire a good trainer. I hope you all have got a basic idea what to expect from a trainer when you hire a trainer. Still I will say if possible train your dog by yourself it fun and good for both you and your dog. You can teach basic commands at home with the help of books and article available on internet.  But if you are not able to train your dog there is no harm in hiring a good trainer. Always remember there are only 3 things which are important in dog training:

  • Right Tool
  • Right Attitude
  • Consistency

Have a happy training time

 If your trainer is not able to answer “how” and “why” he/she is not worth.   



I have employed an obediance trainer for my LAB.Its been 2 months of training but he doesnt respond to any of the family members.
He only obeys his teacher.When I shared this with the trainer he said that this is because we love him too much
Today since I had given him a bath , his choke collar was wet and he was wearing his body belt when the traine came.
After 10 Min the trainer told me that today my Dog is not in the mood to obey any command at all.I realised that it is the choke chain which makes him do things
Please let me know if I should retain this trainer or train him myself

By: Anita | 29 Nov 2011

Gopal Krishna
Hi Anita,

I can't judge the trainer simply by your post but I believe I got a rough Idea. Allow me to share some points:

1. Choke Chain is almost useless (I said almost because its not totally useless :P)

2. If your trainer says the dog is not in the mood that or he is using choke chain very often then I guess he is not the right Guy.

3. Up to some some level he is right you and your family love you dog too much.

Dogs are like kids, you have to love 'em but again you should take the authority. Dogs are really good manipulator and quick learner. And if you do not take charge then soon the dog will take the charge.

Lemme give you an example: Did your dog ever try to communicate with you??? I mean to say if your dog barks at you to get your attention?? May be asking for a toy or anything else.

Once a dog knows that if he/she will bark then he/she will get attention he will do it every-time.
This is a kind of manipulation and quick learning :)

Now the question is how to take the authority?

You can hold the toy and let him obey some command like sit, down... etc. in this way the dog will know that yes I have the attention but still the authority is in your hand. He has to earn that toy. And for you its like an Alpha first you have to make him/her work then you reward him/her.

Its kinda hard for me to explain everything in word as I am lame writer :P But I hope you have got an Idea how to see things.

Its not dog... its human who needs training. Dogs always behave as they are and they are loyal, obedient and very rule oriented (trust me they have their own set of rules)

Hope I was informative :)


By: Gopal Krishna | 29 Nov 2011

Gopal Krishna
Also, you can try to train your dog on your own but at any point of time you do not get positive result please consult a good trainer.

(***I dono where are you from but if you or anyone else is near Vikashpuri, New Delhi I could help but for everybody's information I am not a full time trainer and neither I demand money, so If you serious about dog training I can guide you)

By: Gopal Krishna | 29 Nov 2011

Bark N Bond
Well said Gopal Krishna! The more the dog lovers and pet owners are well-informed, the better for the dog and the family.

By: Bark N Bond | 23 Jul 2013

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