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Blessed is a soul who has won the love and trust of a dog - Sydney Jeanne Seaward

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Senior dogs are a treasure to have around. Their soft, warm eyes filled with years of experience and wisdom and their gentle, sweet faces that speak volumes of how well they have been cared for and loved bring a smile on everyone's faces. Proud pet parents have created beautiful memories to commemorate good times and a lifelong friendship - pictures on the wall, an old chewed up yet treasured toy and a separate folder on the phone full of pictures and videos.

We began our week by sharing heart warming portraits of senior dogs who caught the eye of  famous photographers. In this blog, we will define senior dogs for you and how you can "senior dog proof" your house.


When it comes to defining senior dogs, the answer varies from breed to breed. For instance, when it comes to small breeds such as Chihuaha, Shih Tzu, Miniature Pinscher, dogs over the age of 9 years will be considered as senior dogs while in case of medium sized dog breeds such as Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, Dalmatians, anyone over the age of 8 years will be considered a senior dog. Giant dog breeds such as Great Dane or St Bernard are considered senior citizens when they are over the age of 5 years.

Senior Proof your house:

As dogs grow old, they become fragile and are not as active as their younger selves. It is imperative to make the dogs comfortable in the house and to make sure that everyday tasks are easy to complete and do not put a strain on the bones and the house is safe for them. 

  • Keep everything - food, water bowl, toys etc - at low levels so that your senior dog does not have to jump and risk injury.
  • Do not add new furniture / lamps or plants in the house especially in places that are accessible to your pooch. 
  • Older dogs tend to sleep more than youunger dogs. To rest their tired bones, do make sure that they have a soft bed to sleep on.
  • As they grow old, dogs might find difficulty in completing daily tasks. A helping hand will always be welcome especially while climbing or getting down the sofa / after cleaning up after them.
  • One would have to find activities that exercise the bones and muscles but don not cause too much strain on them to risk fractures or injury. A regular massage will be heavenly.

Do write to us about how you have senior dog proofed your house and we would be happy to hear from you.

Source: Miriam Laffer

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