Should I neuter my dog?

08 Dec 2010 | by | Posted in: Q&A

An important decision
Deciding whether to spay or neuter is an important choice which must be considered carefully. It is important to weigh any potential benefits of spaying or neutering against the possibility of being able to breed from your dog in the future.

There are many potential benefits of spaying or neutering your puppy.


  • Helps reducing roaming behaviour and fighting with other dogs.
  • Eliminates or reduces the risk of certain kinds of tumours.
  • Reduces or eliminates marking from other males.
  • Eliminates unwanted litters.


  • Eliminates make dogs from your garden during heat.
  • Eliminates or reduces the occurence of certain kinds of tumours, including mammary ovarian and uterine tumours.
  • Eliminates bleeding that would otherwise last three weeks every six months.
  • Reduces the risk of pyometra.
  • Prevents unwanted litters.

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subodh sapre
very informative,here i would like to know what is the right age for spaying and neutering because there are difference of opinions as some says it should be done early or some says in case of male around one year and in case of females after first heat.for me ur opinion will be final.what do u say?

By: subodh sapre | 08 Dec 2010

Rohini Sharma
i ahve a female who is about 6 mnths old.she is of non descript breed.what age should i get her spayed.

By: Rohini Sharma | 14 Dec 2010

Royal Canin
It depends on the reason you are getting your dog neutered. If your purpose is to avoid reproductive health problems or stop reproductive behaviour, it is best to get your dog neutered relatively early, around the time of puberty. As the age of puberty is highly variable according to the size or the dog, your vet will be able to recommend the best time for the operation.

By: Royal Canin | 21 Dec 2010

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