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We all have heard superhero stories but after talking to her, I realized that superheroes are for real. I am talking about the brave heart Simmy Malhotra, founder – Animal Help and Heal Trust.

But why is she a brave heart, read this fascinating story of courage, hope and love to find the answer.

Simmy has rescued more than a 100 dogs and is currently taking care of 39 dogs, 24 at her two storied house and the rest 15 at a farm. She has faced strong opposition and criticism from people and society at large, but nothing has stopped her in the efforts to save the animals. “Nobody wants stray dogs around. Children are playing in the parks, so the dogs should not be there, they should not be on the streets because they scratch your expensive cars and in no way can they have a home. It is sad, but it is true” said Simmy. It is hard to do something like what she is doing. She quit her well-paying job at Dell two years ago to tend and care for strays and dying dogs. “I just can’t leave them on the road, I get them home in the hope that if nothing else at least they can die in a dignified manner she said.

pet adoption storiesJuggling between the two places and trying to maintain a balance she says that she is happy with what she is doing and would continue doing it even if there is nobody to help her. Currently she has no volunteers, vehicle and support, but it is due to her strong willpower and the strong link of humanity that she is doing this noble and brave task all by herself. And yes, we can proudly say that she is doing a commendable job.  She has been awarded with the Godfrey Phillips Bravery Awards for her painstaking yet amazing. “Bruised, batters, wounded and some were almost dead, when I found them. People leave them outside my door, dump them in a box and leave them on the street outside and many times someone informs me that there is a dying dog on the road.”

In a touching tale Simmy tells us the story of Meena, one of her babies who was abandoned after she broke her spine. “Since she couldn’t move, she started developing bed sores which added to the problem.” But thanks to Simmy’s efforts and the sponsorship that Meena got from a foreign visitor she now has her own wheel chair. But the problem does not end here; Sophia who was also left on the streets after she broke her spine is still waiting for her wheelchair. “We run these awareness campaigns across social media where people can donate funds. And when the sum is large enough we get a wheel chair from USA.” But now the issue is that Meena has grown big for her wheel chair, so Simmy is planning to give that particular one to another baby and get a new one for Meena.

“I get many cases of broken spine because nobody wants to keep such dogs with themselves. They are either abandoned or left to die in those stinky shelters. The doctors also suggest the owners that the animal should be put to sleep. Very less people have the patience to handle the pets when they are going through such miseries” said Simmy rather sadly.

She has puppies, strays and even an adorable Labrador who was a victim of exploitative breeding living like a big happy family in her house. “I am happy that my babies are with me. They eat rice and chicken in the morning and dog food in the evening. People donate packets of biscuits and dog food which proves to be a great help.” You might be thinking of discarding your old heater or giving away the old clothes to the kabadi, but now you know that your one decision can change a lot of lives. “Someone gave an old A.C. to me last year, which was a blessing for the babies. People come and give bed sheets, pillow covers and blankets which are also helpful” she said. She plans to sell her house in Delhi and invest the money in an agricultural land, so that her babies get ample open space to run and play around. 

But when you have such a big bunch the gong sometimes gets tough. “The situation is not very easy. It is difficult to manage things when you have 24 dogs at your place. The food, electricity bills, medicines and vet visits, one needs resources for each and everything” said Simmy. She and her babies survive on monthly donations courtesy some of her close friends, acquaintances and other donors who approach her thanks to the social media buzz. She has been covered by various news channels and that too a couple of times, but still the pace at which things are moving for her are quite slow. Simmy added that even after her recent coverage what she has got are just assurances, and she does not know how many of them would actually materialize.

pet lover storiesIt is important for people to realize that when they abandon their pet, they don’t just abandon them they ruin their life. Just because your friend has a dog you also need a dog and a more expensive breed, after all it’s a question of your status. People with such thinking don’t deserve to have the love of pets in their lives. They don’t realize that getting a pet comes with its own baggage. And one should know that it is a great responsibility. From their food, to their walk, from their vaccines to their grooming, everything needs to be taken care of systematically and timely. You need to be compassionate and at the same time tough to handle the changes you would encounter when your pets step into your lives.

People should take a step beyond the ‘aww’ and the ‘poor baby’ attitude. If you really want to help come forward and do whatever little you can. What is required is action and in this case, immediate action. She plans to have a bigger place and wants to focus on three basic categories – Broken spine, Blind and Old dogs. Simmy is more than happy to be taking care of her babies with deepest dedication and regard, “People should understand that it is difficult for me to keep all the dogs. They want me to keep the ones with broken spine and limbs and the blind and the healthy ones as well. If I keep the blind and the handicapped then they should keep atleast the healthy ones, but that is not the case.”

For Simmy, it is a great encouragement to see her babies happy and healthy. “My four legged babies are my inspiration that motivates me.” She is more than satisfied with what she is doing. “What if I don’t have gold earrings and diamonds to flaunt, I have my babies and I am very proud to have them. I shall continue working the way I am and nothing can stop me from sharing my love and affection with my babies” she said strongly.

It is heart warming and inspiring to know that there are still people like Simmy who exist in this big bad materialistic world. For her, it is all about compassion, benevolence and the affliction that she has for all her babies.

So, what are you guys waiting for? I am sure Simmy, Meena, Sophia and all the other babies are waiting for your help. Drop in with some chewy bones and biscuits or your old heater and bed sheets; you would surely be welcomed with wagging tails and happy woofs! Go on, help and heal…

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vineet sharma
hey Simmy it's remarkable to your article, just wanted to ask currently where are you situated.Best reg.Vineet Gurgaon

By: vineet sharma | 18 Jun 2013

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