Skin & Problems Dogs - Understand Their Requirements

11 Aug 2011 | by | Posted in: Health

Dear All,

For good skin and hair coat condition of your dog, following things should be there:

1.Hair cell gets nutrition by the blood supplying at the root of the hair follicle, if supply is continuous then the hair will get nutrients. So the first thing to keep in mind is blood supply to hair. A quality food should have a higher level of omega and essential fatty acids that help maintain blood supply.

2. New Skin cells keep forming everyday and older cells sloughed off. During this process certain chemicals are formed that are harmful to healthy cells, actually they kill healthy cells by the process of oxidation, this results in loss of strength of skin so it may cause flaking of skin, hair fall because skin hold the hair, more chances of skin infection to flare up like mange, pyoderma or ectoparasitic infestation because skin is loose so ticks or fleas or mite have easy access to suck blood. A quality food should have an excellent and powerful formula to fight oxidation damage.

3.Finally, there are certain nutrients that are important for a healthy skin and hair coat like Sulfur and Zinc. A quality food should have all these nutrients.

4. Sometimes the dog has an allergy to certain foreign or new proteins and if the same protein his body has received then it started producing histamines that cause hypersensitivity and the symptoms appear in form of itching, extreme tiredness, hair loss etc.To stop such reaction to not occur in future there is only two way: either stop feeding the responsible protein or give hypoallergenic food.So ultimately these three things you have to keep in mind and then design food for your do. A quality food should be hypoallergenic.

If a single dog food possesses all these qualities then your dog need not require any extra supplementation and will live a healthy skin life.

Please feel free to reach to me in case of any queries.





Dear Dr Mishra,

This is very good information. Can you advice a specific dog food which is available and is hypoallergenic food? My dogs are suffering from extreme itchiness and i have tried various medicines but nothing seems to help. I will try changing to a hypoallergenic also.



By: Gaurav | 13 Aug 2011

Dr.Sri krishna Mishra
Hill's Prescription Diet d/d and z/d are the most effective prescription food to cure and help manage patients with severe itching.
log on to m to know product availabilty in India.
Take care

By: Dr.Sri krishna Mishra | 14 Aug 2011

Dr.Sri krishna Mishra
These foods are prescription based so may only be available at clinics under vets precription. It is advisable to consult your vet and ask about what is Hills Prescription diet d/d and z/d. Probably all good vets in India knows better about Hill's.

By: Dr.Sri krishna Mishra | 14 Aug 2011

Hi Dr. Mishra, my dog is suffering from bacterial and fungal skin infection. (as per his Dr.) Besides medicine, what else i can do to cure this disease. Please let me know.

By: nalini | 17 Aug 2011

Jane Cooper
Thanks for the informative post!! It is very true that many times we as pet owners get angry at our pet's scratching and itching, but we forget that its not who are to be blamed but their skin condition. Possible causes range from parasites to allergies to underlying illness. So we always should consult a vet once we see our pets scratching and not assume it to be its bad behavior.

By: Jane Cooper | 17 Aug 2011

Dr.Sri krishna Mishra
Dear Chopra,

As per the blog what you have understood about the skin conditions and afflicting causes and as per your statement i would like to know first the treatment protocol i mean medicine what your consulting vet has recommended for your dog and then i will add my inputs to first make you understand how these skin care are so important and how to get relief of the associated symptoms.

Your dog is having bacterial and fungal infections so probably your vet would have certainly prescribed either injectable/oral or topical antibiotics cum antifungal preparations.

That is fine and if the diagnosis is confirmative then great to go with the same prescription buttt....if....the primary cause is something different like mange infection /skin allergy or hypersensitivity then therapy alone with antibiotics and antifungal wont solve the purpose.

How to know the confirmative diagnosis??? its very simple..just if the recommended prescription wont resolve the problems ..

In that case you have to also look for the other said cause.

Ideally to know mange infestation -----there is a test called skin scraping--if positive then best go for RIDD topical application twice in a week..problem resoved

For skin allergy related with food--solution is to feed hypoallergenic food like Hill's Prescription diet z/d or d/d( under vets recommendation).

Apart from all these primary therapy certain essential complimentary therapy should be given as supplements rich in omega3 or 6 fatty acids like Beaphar Salmon Oil for healthy skin and hair coat and special ph adjsuted mild shampoo rich in aloe vera and MSM like Beaphar Antiitch shampoo.

Hope you can understand now.

Please let me know for any further knowledge related to any dog conditions.

Ready to help you.

Thanks and Regards.

Dr. Sri krishna Mishra


By: Dr.Sri krishna Mishra | 17 Aug 2011

Very informative.
To add to all this, dear dog lovers as we know now, skin problems can be because of a variety of reasons and for which specific treatments are available. However what we can do is to maintain a good nutritious diet for our pets.
Omega 3 fatty acids are good and a lot of supplements are available in the market but what i found best was .... FALX SEEDS (Alsi). A very common product easily available in the local market. But remember feeding just seeds won't do any benefit. You have to mill them or to say powder them. Feed at least 02 spoons along with your dogs normal diet, wait for 02 weeks and notice the difference.

By: saurabh | 23 Aug 2011

Selvarani Gopal krishnan
Mirra-Coat 03: Nutritinal supplement for Skin Coat

Powder and Liquid
Improves Skin and Coat
–Helps eliminate scratching due to dry skin and allergies
–Proven effective for control of chronic itching, scratching and to reduce flea bite irritation
–Reduces off-season shedding
–Produces shiny, lustrous coat
–Improves skin health
–Contains essential fatty acids and is fortified with zinc plus vitamins A, B6, E and biotin

•Additional Benefits of Mirra-Coat O3

–Improves skin integrity
–May reduce severity of hot spots
–Assist in keeping skin hydrated
–Helps specific types of dermatitis.
–Accelerates hair growth
–Softens hair
–Improves manageability of hair
–Keeps hair healthy and strengthens
–Helps prevent non seasonal shedding
–Helps promote speedy hair re-growth in burn victims and degloving cases
–Helps prevent skin sensitivity to frequent blow-drying of hair by groomers.
–Hypo Allergenic
Mirra Coat is available at Leading Vets & Pet shops.

For online purchase:

By: Selvarani Gopal krishnan | 30 Aug 2011

Priya Shergill
Many of our dogs suffer from grain allergies that cause skin problems like folliculitis, etc. The option is to find a totally grain free product. I have done so as my Pugs had a real problem with some of the premium brands available in the market. They were all high in wheat, maize and rice. I switched to Taste of the Wild, an American food that I get from the supplier in Hyderabad. I use the Fish formula for my Pugs. In two weeks the results were fantastic. I have been using this for 3 months now and the result is gorgeous coats. I do not use any other supplement available here in the market as this food is totally nutritionally complete. For the larger dogs the Chicken and Duck formula is better.

By: Priya Shergill | 10 Sep 2011

My boxer is suffering from Skin Boils, First i thought its some kind of food poisoning, took him to vet he said its external allergy and give him some anti allergy shots and it was well. few days later it came back again & this time its was more. my vet visited and it was fine again.Then I found the cause of the allergy, its Parthenium (Gajar Ghaas) even my Vet who visited also confirmed, and the allergy is external. anyone plz suggest some good anti allergy external oil, lotion to be applied to control it. My vet has suggested to apply 5ml of Tictac lotion mixed in 1/2Ltr of water and tobe applied allover the body. any thing better than this may be some herbal will be good. and some good diet (Veg) at present he is fed with Chapati and Curd some time rice with Curd, 2 Eggs once a week.



By: Santosh | 24 Oct 2011

Priya Shergill
Santosh, your Boxer is not getting a nutritionally complete meal. The allergy may not be the Parthenium at all, it might be a grain allergy caused by wheat in the chapati. My Vet does not encourage the feeding of Chapati at all. Dogs are carivorous (meat eating) animals by nature and evolution, so forcing them to be vegetarian does not always help. Your Boxer is lacking in Protein and Omega 3 and 6 plus other Vitamins. You should try a grain-free product. You might have to waive the veg clause. Are these skin eruptions coming up like pimples and then drying up into large dry blisters that leave black patches on the skin? By the way, allergies are both internal and external. As many, if not more, are internal. I have a Pug who is so allergy prone, it is not funny. He is even allergic to his annual shots and has to be fortified with anti-allergic tablets and injections before each of shots otherwise he collapses and goes into a coma! So I am very familiar with allergies.

By: Priya Shergill | 25 Oct 2011

Thanx Priya for the advise,
Yes there are Pimples/Boils and not sure whether they dry up into Blisters.. but the disappear once taken to VET and they appear again after couple of days.. as nutrition he is given Liv52 and ostopet 4times a week. and Eggs as mentioned...
as far as Grain allergy.. he is been fed with chapati since he was 4 months and he was fine the problem occured when he was suffering from some urinary track infection and my VET recommended Enrocin Tab and after the rains stopped in my region.. and lots of weeds came up.

Can I add FLAX Seeds in his diet as mentioned by saurabh earlier in the thread?

By: Santosh | 26 Oct 2011

Priya Shergill
Santosh please do not give Liv 52 unless his Liver is affected. What is Ostopet? He can develop a grain allergy at any time of his life. Have you checked him for Hypothyroidism? This is detected in a Blood Test. This will also cause acute recurring Skin problems. I have a Pug bitch who has this problem and her skin issues are never ending even though she is life-long Thyroid medication. Hypothyroidism can also cause poor appetite until he is treated. I am always hesitant to give any seeds to my Dogs unless recommended by the Vet as many seeds are not meant for Dogs. An excellent source of Omega 3 and 6 is a new product in the market called Salmon Oil by Beaphar. The dosage is written on the bottle. Start by giving him a teaspoon at the time and slowly increase it to the full amount. It has to be added to his food. This is a fish oil.

Weeds by themselves are not a problem, It is the flowers and seeds. Try to keep him away from them for a while and then see. I personally feel this is internal that is why it keeps recurring.

By: Priya Shergill | 27 Oct 2011

Hi Santosh,
Sorry to read about your problem.
I agree with Priya in terms of a nutritionally competent meal as well as getting a thyroid test. Though i believe that your vet must have considered this option, if not, kindly suggest him one.
Secondly as per meal is considered, i am sorry to say but your dog is not having a good diet. You might have been giving him chappati etc since his baby days but grain allergy is fairly common and it can erupt at any stage. You should either switch over to a premier kibble food or start giving him rice based meals. For the same, make sure you are balancing it well with green leafy vegetables viz Lauki, Patta Ghobi, Carrots, Potato and some chicken.
Now for omega 3 fatty acids, you can give him flax seeds and take my word it will do wonders to him. However, as i've mentioned earlier, do not give whole seeds to him rather mill these seeds and sprinkle 02 spoons of the same on his meal twice a day.
Also start applying coconut oil mixed with 02 pellets of camphor over his skin atleast once a week.
You might have to give him some antibiotics for initial control of the situation. Any broad spectrum antibiotic will do, however i prefer cephalosporins for atleast 02-03 weeks.
Wish him a speedy recovery.

By: saurabh | 28 Oct 2011

ThanX.. Confirmed the same with my VET regarding Grain Allergy,
Now Can i change his diet from Chapathi to some Jowar Roti, Rice mixed with RC & Chicken once a week?

but will this allergy take some time to subside even after changing his diet & avoiding Chapati immediately.

By: Santosh | 04 Nov 2011

Priya Shergill
Santosh you have to avoid any grain other than rice. No roti of any sort. You have to change the diet and wait and watch. Royal Canin is also heavy on grain, eg., maize and wheat.

By: Priya Shergill | 04 Nov 2011

But My Vet said Only rice (mixed with Veggeies) may also cause some Problems in future..
What Do U suggest, In Veg course... & RC , Pedigree or some other Pet food which do u prefer ?

About allergy U mean to say after changing his Diet I have to wait & watch..?

By: Santosh | 04 Nov 2011

Hi Santosh,
Few pts:
1 Pedigree is not good.
2. Rice based meals are best for him. And this probably must become his staple food for life.
3. Do not mix kibble with home cooked food as it will unbalance his nutritional pgme.
4. RC is costly but probably best in the country.
5. Supplement his diet with some paneer (Home based) and curd 2-3 times a week.
6. For skin allergies you need to first remove all potential allergens whether dietary or contact and then slowly rule out one by one by reintroducing one by one.

By: saurabh | 05 Nov 2011

Priya Shergill
Hi Santosh,

In my opinion the best food in the Country today is Taste of the Wild. There are two types Fish and Chicken & Duck. This food is completely grain free, is manufactured in USA, and contains all the nutrients necessary for canine health and development. It is a little expensive, but in the long run, worth it. My 3 Pugs are totally on this food along with Salmon Oil by Beaphar and their coats look really nice. Taste of the Wild is not available everywhere but the supplier is in Hyderabad. His Website is

By: Priya Shergill | 05 Nov 2011

Dr.Sri krishna Mishra
Hello Saurabh and Priya,

I think not only you but many other in the country who dont know about Hills pet foods. This is the oldest pet food of highest quality and is available in India.They have excellent range for normal gorwth, certain speciall needs like sensitive skin, sensitive stomach, performance and prescription foods.
If you have not tried then please do have a trial. I am sure you will be 100% satisfied with the result. For more information about its availabality you can log on to m, the distributor is same who is importing excellent range of Beaphar products like Salmon Oil ,Lactol, HD tablets, top10 etc.

By: Dr.Sri krishna Mishra | 05 Nov 2011

Dr.Sri krishna Mishra
Hello Santosh,
If your vet has suspected a case of food allergy in your pet then the best recommendation is to go for feeding elimination diet. Hill's d/d (salmon and rice formula) diet will have an excellent recovery.
Try this. For availability of this food ask your vet or call this no.02652784048

By: Dr.Sri krishna Mishra | 05 Nov 2011

Priya Shergill
I personally have tried Hills on the recommendation of my Vet, it made my Pugs skin condition even worse. It is also grain based and I had to stop it even before I could finish the bag. My Pugs hated it and would refuse to eat it. In the USA Hills does not feature anywhere in the top 10 foods for dogs , neither does Royal Canin for that matter. Taste of the Wild is categorised in the 5 and 6 star category. It is a premium product there.

By: Priya Shergill | 05 Nov 2011

Thanx to all of you,

The day my vet confirmed that was Grain allergy. I stopped him giving wheat based food and started with Rice based with Veggies & curd mixed food. His allergy since day one has vanished. now Ive added RC to his diet (But 200Gms mixed with Rice, Vegetables ), Its 4days now & he fit... Ftaaang...

Again Thanx for all your valued advise.

By: Santosh | 06 Nov 2011

Priya Shergill
Wow! That is wonderful news Santosh! I am so happy I was able to help a fellow dog owner. I have come across so many dogs recently who are suffering from similar problems and in each case it has turned out to be a grain allergy or a food allergy and not any Fungus or Dermatitis problem.

By: Priya Shergill | 06 Nov 2011


myself praveen kr i want to ask to u all that, i have a french mastif of 14 mnth male
his skin is alright but don,t have the shine also it loss some hair sometime. plz tell me about any thing which gives him the shine without any sidefact and also gives him a good smell. Plz Reply Me Soon......

Also anyone have female for his dating also.......................... ..........

By: praveen | 14 Dec 2011

Hi Praveen.
You didnot mention abt the type of feed you r giving him.
As said earlier by me, add flax seeds to his daily diet.
Additionally you can use camphor with mustard oill and give him a nice massage. This should be done ideally the night before giving him bath.
Follow and see the difference.

By: saurabh | 15 Dec 2011

hi Saurabh,
i m feeding him with royal canin . if u know anything good then plz tell me.

By: praveen | 19 Dec 2011

Navjot Singh
Any packed food is not healthy diet for dogs, whether it's ToW, or RC. They're high in preservatives. While you may have a healthy dog being fed ToW, in latter phase he may have a high risk of lung or Kidney failures. While we discourage ourselves from having junk food, why do we subject our pets to processed diets?
Vets won't advise you to not to feed commercial food because they also have to earn good margins.

By: Navjot Singh | 02 Jan 2012

My German Shepherd was suffering from skin issues, scratching himself raw. I was feeding homemade food. I took to the vet for treatment who started medicines and simultaneously recommend keeping on drools large adult. After 15 day His coat started becoming shiny and soft. Now whenever I took him out I feel happy to listen comments on my buddy how beautiful he is, now he is favorite of all kid in our society.

By: swati | 21 Jan 2012

My dog, Tabby has been eating drools medium puppy since she was three months old. She is now six months and her coat is amazing and her activity level is superb and she remains full of energy during all the day.

By: isha | 21 Jan 2012

We have an English Mastiff who is staying with us in our villa, for us her coat is extremely important because it is so light in color. She suffered from a gastro last year and became weak and her coat turned into rough one. My friends suggested drools large puppy food. She's happy, full of energy and her skin is pink and healthy. Her coat is glossy and the ripples of muscle are clear as she shows her stuff. I found drools wonderful.

By: monu | 21 Jan 2012

No offense but is this some advertisement of drools.
Personally i don't have any issues with drools as i too have used it for some time bu in no way can we compare with a premier kibble.
There was a superb marketing of the product when it was launched somwhere last yr.

By: saurabh | 23 Jan 2012

Rafiq Yusuf Kalsekar
Hi All,

I am giving my caravan hounds RC at present, its expensive- maybe bcos its imported.
How much of RC is recomended(250gm per meal ok???)
If drools can give same nutrition values whats the harm.
With the money saved, we can give some other treats to our pets.

By the way, besides RC/DROOLS, what is best combination of home foods.
A friend suggested, Bajra chappati, cabbage stock, milk, boiled fish deboned(once a week), one boiled egg(twice a week), some curd(twice a week.

Is this diet okay or do i need to add some thing more.

Kindly advise.

By: Rafiq Yusuf Kalsekar | 01 Apr 2012

Rafiq Yusuf Kalsekar
Dear Mishra Sir,
kindly mail your email ID if any.

By: Rafiq Yusuf Kalsekar | 01 Apr 2012

Rafiq Yusuf Kalsekar
Hi Saurabh,
Tried th Flax seed powder suggestion.
The dogs refuse to at the food mixed with flax seed powder.
What should i do next.
Their coat is dry dull.
Advice eagerly awaited.

By: Rafiq Yusuf Kalsekar | 05 Apr 2012

Chris Wolf
This is very helpful information. My little mix breed has had skin irritations off and on for the last year. This helps in finding root causes.

By: Chris Wolf | 22 Apr 2012

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