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Something about Rottweilers!

15 Aug 2010 | by Nishub | Posted in: Wag Wiki

Hi friends, I am a new member here. I have read some articles here and was inspired by them to share my feelings about my rottweiler dogs. Infact i had two dogs earlier, 1 was a doberman & second was a spitz but after the death of my dob, i was seeking a dog breed who can fullfill the place of my lost love, so i went to the internet & different person who knew about the dog behaviour of different breeds. When it comes to buy a dog, i decided that i should have a rottie, even after listning to so many negative remarks about this breed. And after having one i was so proud and happy because my pet never let me down. He fullfilled all  my expectations. He was so friendly to me & my family that i decided to have another one and this time i bought a female to make their pair. When you listen to the person who have just saw a rottwiller from far away and do not have any experience with them ,it seems that this is a devil and dangerous breed, but at least in my experience no other breed can be so gentle & protective to his family as rotties are. This breed is very intelligent, caring and ofcourse they are as loyal as any GSD or LAB to the owners. Infact, this is the environment who makes the difference in the behaviour of two dogs of same breed. If you are treating  them as your own child they would become your child, and if you think that they are only your guard, their behaviour will be different , even with you. So in my opinion ,do not ever hesitate to adopt an rottweiler as your family member. They will give you the best results which you want  from a close friend. And please remember that it does not matter which breed you have but what matters is that how you are treating ur dog. Have a pet only if you can treate them as your beloved ones, otherwise do not spoil your money on buying a servant.


Agam Prabhakar
I am so Glad that you mentioned " it does not matter which breed you have but what matters is that how you are treating ur dog"

I am sure Rotti are fun dogs too...

By: Agam Prabhakar | 17 Aug 2010

I absolutely agree. I have 2 english cockers aged 5 and 1 aged 2 months old. He is the son of one my own cockers. I also have a stray we call him Bharat Hound to give him his share of respect and dignity.He was supposed to be ferocious and wild.We never ever saw that side to him.Neighbours tried their best to keep us away from him but now he is our family lives with us and loves us He is all of 15yrs plus. Urvashi.

By: priyabhavnani | 25 Aug 2010

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