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Socially Active Humans?? Make Way For Socially Active Pets

14 Jul 2014 | by | Posted in: Wag News

We're all well versed with social media. We have our profiles with almost all of our personal information on Facebook. To our surprise, its not just the dog owners, but also their pets who are socially active. Following are those dogs that are very famous on Facebook and some of them are owned by renowned people.


Beast was born on 10th January 2011, in Oregon and now lives in Palo Alto. Beast is a Puli, that is a type of a Hungarian Sheepdog owned by the founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg, along with his wife Priscilla Chan. He is an extremely cute dog that loves to cuddle and eat. He is also very fond of herding small animals. Beast has over 19 lakhs likes on Facebook and is the most popular dog.

beast fb


Boo, is an eight year old Pomeranian born on the 16th of March 2006. Boo is also called the ‘cutest dog in the world’ and has been getting a lot of attention in the past few months. He has been offered many jobs as a doggy model, posing for the online boutique Tobi and posing for pictures to raise money for a charity. Boo loves to pass his time by wearing tee shirts and his favourite colour is pink. Boo loves squeaky toys the most. He was also featured on 'Good Morning America' and loves to eat chicken, flowers, cheese and dirt too sometimes. He is definitely a little ball of love anyone would adore. Boo has over fourteen lakh likes on Facebook.



Scout is a Pitbull who lives in London. He was abandoned as a child and  rescued, was given a second chance and he turned out to be the cuddliest Pitbull ever. He is owned by Jen Gillen who has trained him to balance things on his head. Jen wants to educate people on how loving and caring Pitbulls can be.

scout the pitbull


Schoep, a German Shepherd mix, that surprisingly lived for 20 long years and died last year just a month after his 20th birthday. He earned his internet fame when the last picture of him clicked by Hannah Stonehouse Hudson, went viral on Facebook.The picture shows his owner John Unger, taking him to the lake to cool down his arthiritis pain.The touching image soon swept across the web, turning Schoep into a canine celebrity. The original photo has been shared more than two lakh times over the past year and helped raise funds for the elderly dog’s care. Animal lovers from across the globe donated over 25 thousand dollars to cover veterinary bills, laser eye treatment and medications not just for Schoep, but for other aging dogs from low-income families in need of special care as well. His page has over three lakh follows.




Mishka, also known as the “Teddy Bear” in Russian is a nine year old female Siberian Husky who has over four lakh Facebook likes.She is also called the talking dog after her video on You Tube went viral. She was born on 19th June and loves to talk and sing and is a famous YouTube personality. She loves to sunbathe and chase squirrels with her new friend Laika who is also a Siberian Husky.


Besides these internet sensations that we all have heard of, we have our very own pets who have been trending on social media. Here are a few profiles of the pets who have gained recent popularity locally.


Moose Junior is a yellow Labrador Retriever owned by Karuna Chauhan from Gurgaon, India. He is a little playful baby of the family. He recently turned one and had a huge birthday celebration party with return gifts for all his friends. He loves the colour orange and was supporting Argentina during the Football World Cup. His close associations say that he is one of  the most obedient dog they have come across and understands instructions very willingly.  



Homer Khan is a Bull Mastiff who was born on 3rd June 2013 and is a one year old disciplined kid in the house. Homer belongs to Adnan Khan who is a dog lover since the age of 3. According to him, Homer is unaware of his size and always behaves like a little lazy kid, but is surpirisingly obedient for his breed. Homer is a very lazy dog and loves to sleep for over 12 hours a day.


homer khan


Mikie is a six and half mix between a Spitz and a Himalayan Sheepdog and is owned by Pooja Sareen who is madly in love with her. Pooja says that Mikie is one playful dog who wants people to call her when they get home so that she can go and greet them. Beware if you not do that, she will get super angry on you, might not talk to you for a while or even scold you. Apparently ,she gets mad at you for not calling her before coming home.

mickey sareen



Chotu Augustine is a Mountain Rottweiler who is a playful and amazing dog and is one and a half years old. Chotu is extremely close to his sister who says he is a naughty baby who loves to play with his ball. He loves long baths and enjoys to play. He also loves his weekend getaways at the Bio Diversity park.

chotu augustine


Myshka is a three and a half year old yellow Labrador Retriever who is curious yet the most loving member of the family says Neha, the owner of Myshka. Myshka has a habit of offering things - shoes, slippers, towel, bones and even toys to people when they meet her at her house. Myshka loves to go for a run everyday and loves to laze in the comfort of her bed.


If you havent created a facebook profile for your dog, you can create it on Wag Club and can share it with us. we would love to see them!

We have come across a few more exceptional profiles , we shall feature them soon.

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