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Something That Every Dog Lover Will Appreciate

30 May 2009 | by | Posted in: Training

This is a little something I put together for all my clients I work with. I suggest printing it out and putting it on the fridge to refer back to from time to time. If you are interested in a pdf copy of this article please email me and I will send it to you.

Source: dogloversgold.au


Don’t let your dog on the furniture with you. No couches, no beds, no loveseats. “All four paws on

the floor, all the time” By letting dogs share furniture with you, “you’re telling them they’re equal 

to you in the pack” In their mind, they’re confused! This doesn’t say that dogs are never allowed on

the furniture, but they must never be up there uninvited and must always vacate when told to do so

or issued the off command.


When out on walks, your dog must not pull you down the road. Instead, practicing the heel
command and helping your dog learn how to walk nicely by your side is important.


Don’t let your dog charge out the door in front of you. As leader, you walk through first. ALWAYS!


Leaders eat first, it is recommended that allowing your dog to see you eat, then feed him for about
20 minutes before the bowl, even if empty, is picked up and removed. “This puts you in charge of
the dog’s biggest resource FOOD


Don’t step over a sleeping or lounging dog blocking a doorway or hallway. Gently yet firmly make
him move (perhaps with a shuffling of your feet) so you can pass.


Use your voice to summon respect. Don’t yell, but don’t issue commands in a singsong, high pitched
tone, either. In other words, no baby talk, and no bully speak. Be firm and confident when you
speak to your dog. Don’t ask him to obey —tell him! Be generous with praise, but don’t go so
overboard you ramp your dog into a hyper state and make him too excited to listen to you.


Use body language — head held high, shoulders back, standing up straight — to convey your
message. Don’t crouch down to the dog’s level while giving commands.


Crate train your dog. Aside from helping with housetraining and safety issues a crate or kennel gives
him a den-like environment of his own to sleep or chill out.
All dogs will test you in your quest for leadership.
They will do subtle, almost so much, you don’t even notice it until it’s too late.

Example: They may sit a few inches in front of you instead of right by your side,
or they’ll put their foot on top of yours while doing this. These are all dominance
things, It’s all these subtle little things you watch for. These are the kind of things
you have to get right on top of.
Remember You are in charge!


Hey daksh nice article from where you got or how your think of this article any ways send me the pdf form of this article on my email viki.d2@gmail.com

By: MAVI KENNEL | 30 May 2009

Sabrina Court
i needed to read something like this. now that these points are before me, i have to admit that i am no leader with my dog although in office, its quite another story!

By: Sabrina Court | 27 Nov 2010

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