Put A Full Stop To Fleas & Ticks This Season - Follow The Step-By-Step Guide

24 Apr 2014 | by | Posted in: Wellness

As the month draws to an end and the months ahead bring on their sweltering heat to pester your pet, we gear you up to tackle the battle ahead. The fleas and ticks are bound to trouble your pet, this past month we have explained you the ways to treat your pets from ticks and fleas. We have recommended you different products for both adult dogs as well as puppies.

The next step is to prevent that infestation so that your adorable pets can have an itch free summer ahead. In the last of the series we will help you to prevent the fleas and ticks from the grass root level that is eliminating eggs. Here are some easy steps to prevent any reoccurrence of ticks and fleas in your pet.

Disinfect the house

You will be surprised to know that most of the ticks and fleas lay their eggs in your home. Their favourite places are the corners of furniture and the carpet. Once they are hatched they will latch onto your pet.

So, it is absolutely essential to remove traces of those eggs. Remember that once you treat your pet. Ensure appropriate cleanliness of the house and if possible use a chemical solution to ensure that your pet is not troubled with pests again.

The first step to the cleaning will be to vacuum the entire house it is important not to leave any cushion unturned as these deadly pests could be waiting just round the corner. If your pet comes with you on your car rides it is important to vacuum that also.

Lockdown your pet if required

It is very important to keep your pet in quarantine while you are cleaning the house, if you a tilted floor in the house then it is the apt place to keep him or some time so you can clean the house. If the infestation process is serious then you can consider pet boarding as well.

Once the house is absolutely clean and germ free, the ticks and fleas will not get a conducive place. If you want you can use professional services to remove these harmful pests from your home.

Otherwise if you have your pet in the house then the ticks and fleas will  latch to the pet and feel that this is the perfect spot to thrive and again lay eggs on the carpet giving rise to that vicious cycle again. In fact, the linens also have to be washed preferably with hot water to ensure that no eggs survive to start infestation.

Get that Flea and tick collar

There are a lot of people who say that the tick and flea collar did not work for them but have they ever considered that it might be possible that ticks and fleas had made their carpets or furniture their own sweet home.  the moment the collar was off these little pests made their way back into the pet’s body.

A tick and flea collar is one of the easiest ways to prevent infestation. There are various anti tick and flea collar available in the market but we would recommend the Kiltix collar; it is easy to use and prevents further infestation. It comes in a variety of sizes to ensure that there is a size for every individual pet. Along with this it ensures that there is no further infestation for at least seven months (i.e. the shelf life of the collar). This will help you to wade of these summer months with ease.

Say yes to regular baths

You can control the infestation by giving your pet regular bath. It is very important to give them regular baths during the hot and humid months. Better still you can use a variety of shampoos available specially to cater to this problem.

These special treatment shampoos can be mixed with your regular shampoo as well to ensure easy usage.  You can choose any shampoo from Tikfite or Himalaya, these brands produce quality products that not only prevent ticks and fleas but prevent in further infestation as well. The best part is your pet is not harmed in any way.

Ensure a flea free fresh smelling pet

There is a range of flea powders and sprays that are available and will be successful in repelling fleas. These products will give your pet immediate relief; there is a wide variety of rinse that can be mixed with water and used for your pet. Rid-All is a common name in this genre.

Along with this there is a wide range of powders and spray ons from the house of Bayer and Cipla that are well known brands in the human medicines genre as well. Savavet is a well known name in pet medicines and produces quality medicines for your pet.

Spot-on correction for the pests

If you are hard pressed for time then spot-on correction can come to your rescue. These can be easily administered to your pet as it comes in a liquid form that can be easily put externally on your pets.  The spot on treatment as the name suggests can be applied on specific spots such as the shoulder blades and the back of the neck. The areas, which are most commonly infested by ticks and fleas.

You can use various products for the same. One of the most renowned names for spot on treatments are Bayer Advantix Flea and Tick Remover and Protektor Dog Flea and Tick Remover. The application of the treatment is easy and you can see almost instant results with one brush over the coat.

Whichever method you choose to give your pet an itch free summer, just keep in mind that these will be successful only on adult dogs and can be fatal if used on puppies. Remember to spring clean your house to ensure zero ticks and fleas. Hope your bundles of joy have itch free summers.

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