Story about Maxo's Growth Pains & Here's What Every Pet Parent Can Expect

15 Sep 2017 | by | Posted in: Health

So here I am, back to share my experience with Maxo and this time itís about his ĎGrowth Painsí. Medium, large, and giant breeds†are the dogs that most commonly experience growing pains as puppies. Although most of the pain happens in the†first year of life, some dogs can even experience pain for†up to two years, as their bodies finish growing into adulthood. Some breeds that are particularly susceptible to growing pains are Great Danes, Golden Retrievers, Labradors, Rottweilers, Dobermans, Basset Hounds, and German Shepherds. Of course, other dogs (even smaller breeds) can also have them. What are Growth Pains? The scientific name of this phenomenon is Panosteitis, also known as shifting pains. As the name suggests, most of the large breeds suffer from shifting pain in their legs during the growth months, to be specific during 7 to 18 month of age. I had read instances of these pains as early as 2 months and as late as 5 years. It can occur suddenly and stay for a while, may be months. It shifts from one leg to another. (This phenomenon was new to me, so did my research, if you just type in ĎShifting Painsí or ĎGrowth Painsí on Google youíll find a number of feeds.†) How did we Identify Maxo's Growing Pains? A sudden change in the pattern your dog walks or sits in, is an invitation for you to inspect that. So far, Maxo, has felt this pain thrice, the first two times it was in his front legs where he was limping. The recent was in one of his hind-legs because of which he had faced difficulty while sitting or lying down. †How we noticed the latter is also an interesting story and may be a clue for others. Maxo usually drinks water immediately after returning from his walks. However, one fine evening post his dinner walk, he kept hovering over the bowl but did not take a sip of water. He kept looking at me and my husband with those seeking eyes, thatís when we realized that he was facing problem sitting or bending down. The water bowl was on-ground and he faced difficulties reaching out for it. During dinner, as well, he was not reaching out for his food bowl, but I thought those were his starry tantrums, but with the water incident, we realized that our fur-baby was silently suffering. The first time when it happened with Maxo, it was difficult for us to ascertain whether it was an injury or growth pain (honestly, we still canít). We were aware of growth pains but we still were not sure, moreover, we didnít want to take the risk of leaving an injury unattended. So we examined his paws thoroughly, tried stretching his legs (gently) to see if he had pain in any particular movement, but our brave boy doesnít like to show his agony, (Bachchan ka fan hai it seems... :P ) We decided to wait for a couple of days and see if he gets better as there is no cure for growth pains that I know of. Giving painkillers can bring in temporary relief. It was disheartening to see him limping, we discussed with our Vet and gave a couple of doses of anti inflammatory medicine Meloxicam Oral Suspension to him and it helped, he got better with time. †Also, physical activities like running and jumping should better be restricted, limited exercise are advisable during the period of pains. Now Maxo is almost 11 months, and his pains are still recurring. We keep discussing with other large breed owners if they know anything that had helped their pooch, so someone suggested there is a homeopathic medicine called Arnica, which helped their Lab, we are yet to try that though. Our personal experience, other than oral medicines, coconut oil and our wonder cream Borolene-medicine also helps (yes we are Bongs and we try borolene on everything) Make A Note: Please do not fall for any random advices like surgery etc Ė the pains can last as long as 2 months or more. Also, it occurs sporadically. The appearance and disappearance of the shifting pains can be mysterious but they are normal for most large breeds. One must realize it is part of one of their growing stages Ė and calls for special care.  

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Abhijeet currently works with Cadbury and his wife Niyati works with Cognizant Technology Solutions. Being ardent dog lovers, after moving to Gurgaon in 2016, they decided to get a furry baby. Maxo, their Golden Retriever kid was love at first sight. Having rejoiced traveling so much, they now have a perfect partner for their all future trips.

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