Story Of A Man And His Best Friend That Will Melt Your Heart

17 Jun 2016 | by | Posted in: Life with Dogs

Dogs are the most empathetic, compassionate of beings on our blue Earth. This one story will surely melt your heart away about a man and his best friend. The man, known only as Boxer to the ones that do know him was homeless since the age of 15. Boxer did not have any high school diploma and could not sustain a job because of that. His life changed for better one day when he found a moaning and wailing pup near his table at McDonalds where he was having his daily dose of fast food.


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Boxer tried calling on the number written on the dog’s collar but the response he got was underwhelming. The respondents claimed that they did not want anything to do with the dog. Boxer decided to adopt the little gem and named him Joe. Joe and Boxer became best buddies. Local neighbours started giving Boxer dog food which he fed to Joe and he got some regular food from the neighbours which he used to feed himself. All seemed good, until one fateful day!

It was dark and the duo was sleeping in an alley when they were attacked by a group of thugs. Never to back down from a challenge, Joe started growling at assailants. The attackers were so aggressive that they tried to attack Boxer but Joe would not have any of that and bit one of the attackers. Enraged, one of the violent men stabbed Joe with a knife and ran. Joe bled to his death all the while wagging his tail until his final breath.


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Unable to handle the grief, Boxer decided to honour Joe with a tattoo and the guy at the local tattoo shop volunteered to do it for free. After the incident, he slowly got back on his feet and didn’t even remain homeless for long and finally landed a sustainable job.


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Boxer dedicates the turnaround in his life to Joe. He says that his Joe’s sacrifice makes him stronger and weaker at the same time. He feels weak without his presence but grows stronger because of the fact that Joe was brave enough to give up his life for him; the least he can do is be brave and turn his life around for the better to honour the little fellow. So moving was their bond that the guy from the tattoo shop surprised Boxer with a gift ‘a little puppy’. Boxer hadn’t been this happy for a long time. He named the pup Joe.

They may die, their friendship will live on forever.

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